The game need translate as Disney heros


. This game need a translate as Disney heros, for great communications with alls lenguage…


I am 99% that this has been discussed in PB discord months ago, but unfortunately it didn’t get anywhere

But DH is also for mostly kids, so it makes sense to have auto translate there

I rarely see people type other languages than English, it happens sometimes, but for me, it’s rare to see
because most people playing PQ is late-teen, adult or old people, and most of them, can perfectly type and understand English

So I don’t see the need for a translater
It would be cool to have, yes
But it would also be a hard challenge to implement into PQ for PB (I guess, I am not a code dev)

I don’t see that PQ needs this
But I could be wrong, Shrug


I don’t think folks are dying without it but it would increase their quality of play.
We have two members who struggle with English (one more than the other) and both sometimes feel disconnected because they aren’t able to keep up with conversation.

I know of another group on a different server who’ve solved that disconnection by just staying with other people who speak their particular language but that is also insulating. They’re less able to socialize with other players which for many is a huge part of why games like this are fun.


Hmm yes, it isn’t easy when you’re not good with English
But it’s up to PB to decide, but they said no, the first time it was asked

The auto translater is based of Google Translate, so sometimes it will give a wrong answer
Like translating from French to Danish is giving a whole new answer than from French to English
That has nothing to do about it, but still, not reliable sometimes, but mostly it is for short sentences


I have the google translator installed on my phone…
It can be a great help, if I have to encrypt french, spanish and so on text’s :wink:
You just have to make a screenshot & select the language…
Type your answer & translate it to said language, copy and paste it…
Long sentenses can be a bit off, but overall it’s pretty helpful…
After some time conversations can become easier, if you converse in different languages again & again :smirk:


A new fangled thingymabob that snaffles up all the bounteous exclamations of each and every one of the tumultuous Hoi polloi that graces this cashgrab mickey take of an internet enabled mobile source of entertainment…

I cannot see one single possible pitfall or predicament that would come about from using such a totally arbitrary piece of translation software :wink:


Damn ;(

Google translate doesn’t have Mici Language yet

No one will never know what she said


I would personally hate it, and chat even less if this was implemented.

Whether that’s a good or a bad thing , I’ll leave up to you :wink:


This is a pretty expensive service that we license. it makes sense for the scale of DH. PQ isn’t large enough to make this a viable option.


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