The Golden Poo Stamp


I see one of the new costume sets requires “The Golden Poop” stamp. But if i remember correctly, when the stamp was offered it came with the warning that it wouldn’t be made available ever again.

Like I said, I’m not sure I remember it correctly, but if it isn’t going to be made available again then that costume set will never be able to be unlocked. Right?

I guess my question is, will we have the ability to get The Golden Poo stamp later on?


It’s a reward in the cosmetic chests


Yes, you can still get it


Cool, thanks!


Any idea when these Cosmetic Chests will be available?


Contest rank rewards as of today for s1… Not sure what’s on offer other servers
After that…
Who knows??


It’s the same on server 4 :smirk:


Well, I would not recommend going for the rank rewards :joy:
Gold & xp contest, so the numbers will go into the billions :skull_and_crossbones:
I think it will become easier to get these chests after a while…
I won’t even break a nail for these rank rewards, just leveling up my heros over the weekend, so getting progress rewards will be a breeze…
But for ranks… I can already imagine the whales going crazy :joy:


I’ve already heard complaining about how difficult it will be to open all the silver chests. I’m just hoping to have enough gold to level my main team…


Server 4 has a tower double drop right now… With some tower resets you could get some pocket money :smirk:
I don’t know about other servers though…


Yep. We all have it.
So… All the other players that spend billions already can do this too …


If someone really spends billions, they certainly don’t need the tower nuggets to add to that amount, at all…
Seeing that I haven’t even promoted all the red +2 heros, fully equipped are maybe 5 of them now (skills at 155) & I am already at over 200 million points (the amount of gold & xp you need is insane), I declare this “pocket money” that helps with leveling up (somehow) :sweat_smile:

Well, I won’t say that they don’t exploit it too…