The Great Ember Cookoff!

The Great Ember Cookoff is here! Use Items from Portal Quest to create the top dish in Ember, and post your recipes in the comments for a chance to win! Recipes must include an ingredient list and preparation instructions to be considered. On Monday, January 29th we will choose our favorite recipe and award 10,000 Diamonds to the winner, along with 5,000 Diamonds to second and third place!

Example Recipe: Forbidden Fruit Sandwich
1 Forbidden Fruit
2 Tbs Unicorn Tears
1 Necronomicado
Carob Chips
Secret Salt
1 Stale Biscuit, halved

Marinade the Forbidden Fruit in Unicorn Tears for at least an hour. In the meantime, slice your Necronomicado and sprinkle with the Secret Salt.

Take the marinaded Forbidden Fruit and shred with a fork. Place on the Stale Biscuit and top with salted Necronomicado slices and Carob Chips.

Fire up the grill!


MOBS diner (Love PokéMOBster)

Starter : Simple Salad with Biscuits

Ingredients -

2 x Spritely Fruit
1 × Fairy fern (Herbs)
3x Forbidden Fruit
1 x Large Stale Biscuit

Instructions - Chop all your fruit into small pieces using a small cheat chiv, gather all the fruits up and place them into a small bowl and enjoy the food as you wait for the main courses

Main Course - Lovely Escargot with Chips and Beans (not sure how that tastes in real life)

Ingredients -

2 x Pocket Horror snails
50 × Carob chips (secret salt to season it all up)
50 x Pungent beans

Instructions - Rinse the Escargot under warm water, pat shell o ram gahs dry with a paper towel then set aside. Cook your Carob chips for approximately 15 minutes along with the beans and lightly salt the chips when done (add a small drizzle of lemon Spritely fruits if you feel up for it) . Place the beans on the plate and serve the rest up on a plate, grubs up.

Optional meal if you’re really hungry :

Manicorpse Crab (for the seafood lovers)

Lower each crab into boiling water with the legs facing down, whilst they cook, prepare an ice bath by filling a large bowl with cold water and ice. Allow each crab to cook for 15 mins. Once done, drop them into the ice to begin the cleaning process. Clean the crab and twist off the legs, then place on a plate to eat.

Desert - Ice cream and Honey :heart_eyes:


Unicorn tears special covered with honey made exquisitely by the Staff of delicious bees

Drinks on the menu -

Newly Fine aged wine
Fortitude Fluid
Dragon Flagon
Eye Boggling Potion

Restaurant rules -

Must pay with EXACT change

Enjoy your meal with our Candle-Stabra lit diner.


Low Key Gnocchi Turtle Soup

Needed ingrediants

Newly Aged Fine Wine
Staff of Delicious Bees
Shell of Gam-Rah
Stale Buscuits
Pungent Beans
Secret Salt

Start with a splash of Newly Aged Fine Wine in a medium sauce pan. Bring to a Boil. Reduce heat to simmer.

Add a manly squeeze of honey from you Staff of Delicious Bees. (Use a Fencing Gizmo if you’re too weak- lvl 85 of less?). Continue simmering and stir until well blended.

Add your Shell of Gam-Rah, and fully submerge the shell into the simmering mixture. Allow the shell to simmer for 2 hours, which will get those left over, delicious, meat scraps to come off the shell… mmmm… cartilage.

During the simmer time, use a Grate Axe to chop some Stale Buscuits into smaller peices. (No one will even notice you didnt make them from scratch)

After 1 hour of simmer time, add your gnocchi (Stale Buscuit pieces) and a handful of Pungent Beans. Allow the simmer to complete.

Add a pinch of Secret Salt, Secretly, and never tell anyone.

Share with all your Ember friends! Except that annoying, weird turtle thing that Grave Wraith spawns. That would be awkward.


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Fortified Salad

Fairy Fern Leaves
1 Citrus Fruit
1 Necronomicado
Fortitude Fluid


Chop up the citrus fruit and the Necronomicado. Toss them in the fairy fern leaves. Drizzle fortitude fluid on top and serve.

Manticorpse Sautée

3 Manticorpse
5 Pocket Horror
1 Citrus Fruit
Unicorn Tears
1 Fairy Fern Leaf
Purple Haze
1 Staff of Delicious Bees
3 Secret salt

Fright Light
Splitting Headache
Utterly Useless Hourglass
Dead Man chest
Igneous rock
Shaker Breaker

Take the pocket horrors and put them in a dead man’s chest. Pour in 3 secret salts. Pour in purple haze and close immediately. Put Fright Light directly on top and turn the utterly useless hourglass over.

Mix your honey from the bee staff and unicorn tears to create a thick sauce to saute your Manticorpses. Pour the sauce into a pan, put the Manticorpses on top and saute for 15 minutes.

Remove the pocket horrors from the chest and scoop the eyes out with the chilletto. Discard the eyes. Slice the pocket horrors into thin, wide slices with the splitting headache.

Lay the pocket horror slices over the Manticorpses and remove from heat. place the whole pan and the igneous rock in the dead man chest and close it. Let cook for an hour.

Chop the citrus fruit with the splitting headache. Boil the chopped fruit with the fairy fern leaf. Once the fairy fern leaf is completely dehydrated, remove it and the fruit from the heat.

Once the hour is up, remove the pan with Manticorpses from the chest. Crush the fairy fern leaf with your hand and sprinkle over the dish. Shake salt from the shaker breaker over the dish. Place chopped fruits on top and serve.

Tip: Newly Aged Fine Wine is an excellent drink to pair with this dish.

Fruit Salad
3 Citrus Fruit
5 Forbidden Fruit
10 Spritely Fruit
1 Staff of Delicious Bees

Slice all of the fruits and put into a large bowl. Drizzle honey from the staff over it and serve.

Un-Bee-lievable Sweets
1 Spearmint
Carob chips
Unicorn Tears
4 Staff of Delicious Bees

Crush the Spearmint and mix with carob chips. Pour mixture into the staffs, spreading it out evenly between the four. Fill the rest of the staff with unicorn tears. Freeze for 1 hour, then serve.


Alrighty Ember People! Let’s get this party started! First we are going to make sure we have everything so here’s the list! Followed by instructions!

Safety Harness
Uncomfortable Pauldron
Respected Ambassador
5 cups of Pungent Beans
200grams of Deadly Cheese
2tsp of Beast Dandruff
2tsp of Secret Salt
2 stale biscuits
Staff of honey bees
1 cup of carob chips
3 spiritely fruit
Glass of finely aged wine

Alrighty, so first we’re gonna do to protect ourselves is put on our safety harness and uncomfortable pauldron.

Secondly we are gonna mash up those Pungent Beans with the trusty Respected Ambassador until it looks like mashed potatoes

We’re gonna take those freshly mashed Pungent beans and mix in the deadly cheese, beast dandruff and secret salt

Throw it in the epic forge for 20 mins until the cheese is melted and SUPER gooey!

While that’s cooking you want to stir the Carob chips with your staff of honey bees and get them all coated in that super sweet delicious awesomeness that bees do. Set aside.

Slice up those sprites fruit in quarters.

When it’s all done and it’s time to plate…

Plate the Cheesy Beans with the stale biscuits and your going to top the Spritely fruit with your honey carob chips.

Serve with a glass of finely aged wine and you can take home the Respected Ambassador as a gift. Why? Because who doesn’t need another Respected Ambassador!

This is the Ember Special.

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Sparkle Pony Punch

4 spritely fruits
10 unicorn tears
4 Forbidden fruits
4 citrus fruits
1.5 cups fortitude fluid
1.5 cups Newly aged fine wine
Secret Salt

Eye boggling potion

  • Juice all fruits on studded gloves into a Helm of the sparkly legion

  • Add tears, Fortitude Fluid and wine

  • Mix well with a Fairy Rod

  • Serve in a Cthsphinx Jar rimmed with Secret Salt

For extra kick add 2 oz of Eye Boggling Potion

Pungent Turtle Coffee

1 cup pungent beans
1/8th cup Carob Chips
2 cups fortitude potion
1shell of Gam-Rah
1 ingeous rock

  • grind beans and carob chips with ingeous rock, pour grounds into waterskin

  • boil Fortitude Fluid and add to waterskin

  • steep 10 minutes

  • strain into shell of Gam-Rah and serve

Spearmint Pocket Horror Soup

1 cup Psy-Quil
2 teaspoons Purple Haze
3 manticorpse scraps
1 stick of spearmint
5 pocket Horrors
1 teaspoon beast dandruff
1 cup pungent beans
2 springs Fairy Fern
2 lucky Ravens feet
4 cups Fortitude Fluid
Secret Salt - to taste
3 stale biscuits

  • chop manticorpse scraps, lucky Ravens feet, fairy Fern, spearmint with chipper chopper

  • combine chippings with Psy-Quil, purple Haze, pungent beans, beast dandruff, secret Salt, fortitude fluid and pocket Horrors in a dead man’s chest

  • heat over candle-stabra for 30 minutes stir often with O’Rlyen’s boop stick

  • serve in pirates booty with stale biscuits.

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Rainbow Fruit Smoothie

• x1 Citrus Fruit
• x2 Staff of Delicious Bees
• x3 Common Candy
• x2 Full Bottles of Unicorn Tears
Optional (Step 7): x1 Spearmint

Tools Required
• Blender
• Knife
• Whisk


  1. Cut the Citrus Fruit into slices and put into blender.
  2. Unwrap Common Candies and put them into a bowl.
  3. Extract the honey from the Staffs of Delicious Bees and pour it into the bowl.
  4. Remove the top of the Unicorn Tears bottles and pour the tears into the bowl.
  5. Using the whisk, mix the ingredients in the bowl, then pour them into the blender.
  6. Blend ingredients for roughly 5 minutes or until the ingredients are thoroughly blended.
  7. Optional: Let a stick of Spearmint dissolve in smoothie once the smoothie is already blended to enhance flavor.
  8. Enjoy. :+1:
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The Mythical Fruit Salad


Newly aged fine wine
Forbidden fruit
Spritley fruit


Step 1: Slice and dice the forbidden fruit with the spritley fruit.

Step 2: Mix the sliced and diced forbidden fruit and the spritley fruit.

Step 3:Enjoy with your favorite beverage… A nice frosty Newly aged fine wine.

    As Ice Berg once said... 
              Stay Frosty
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Hello fellow chefs,
Welcome back to the Cooking Sun restaurant’s entry to this year’s cookoff! Today we’re making a 6-course dinner with only Griffin Claws as the main ingredient! However, you may add Forbidden Fruit juice to your liking, as we all want to try that stuff sometimes.

Anyway, I hope you’re ready for these flaming hot courses, so put on your festive vests and let’s get the cooking started!


  • 2 griffin claws for all the cutting, slicing and slashing you’ll have to do,
  • 3 intertwined griffin claws for whipping stuff,
  • 1 extra griffin claw for taste-testing,
  • an oven or grill that looks somewhat like this:


  • Lots of water
  • All the spare Griffin Claws in your inventory.
    Today, we’re dealing with leftovers!

The following instructions are for a four-person meal. Adjust amounts to the amount of entities that require feeding.

Steps that must be prepared more than four hours before serving are bold.

First Starter: Simple salad

Because of the lack of green in the other courses, we’re starting with a simple to make, and light salad. This will also get your guests into eating griffin claws, which they might think of as a bit strange at first.

  1. Separate the black and other part of about 20 of your griffin claws.
  2. Dance on the beige, smaller parts until they have turned into small pieces of around 1 cm3.
  3. Lay four normal griffin claws on a plate and cover them with these pieces.
  4. Of the black parts from step 1, mush 5 of them up into a fine powder and sprinkle it over the dish.
  5. You can store this dish in the fridge for about 642 days, as long as you take it out an hour before serving. The other 15 black parts can be served as a side dish.

Second starter: Griffin soup

No full course dinner is complete without soup, in our opinion. Here’s our authentic recipe for making soup with griffin claws!

  1. 30 hours before the meal, submerge 14 griffin claws in water. 2 claws/L water, so for four people, use 7 litres water.
  2. 1 hour before serving, take them out. You’ll find that the claws have been absorbed by the water.
  3. Heat 0.4 milliseconds at a 1-metre distance from your heating object. For the remaining hour, let it cool down. Enjoy!

First main course: Griffin Tarte flambée

Tarte flambée is a classic, which we modified to be able to make it with griffin claws. This is a great dish to show the possibilities for using griffin claws are endless!

  1. Cut 15 griffin claws in half.
  2. Add 2 litres of water to 10 of the halves that are both black and beige and hit the mix a few times so it’s all properly combined.
  3. Using a round griffin claw, flatten out the previously created substance.
  4. Split the remaining 5 half griffin claws that are both black and white, so you only have black and white.
  5. Make 10 out of 5 and divide the white parts over the flat surface.
  6. Cut all the black parts into pieces of around 1 by 1 by 2 cm and divide them over the flat surface as well.
  7. Heat for about 45 milliseconds at a 1-kilometre distance from your heating object.
  8. Eat while it’s hot!

Second main course: Griffin burger

Let’s admit it: Our favourite place to go is the EFC (Ember’s Fried Chicken). Since you tried this recipe regardless, here’s our take on traditional (griffin) fast food!

  1. Take 42 griffin claws (10.5 per person) and leave them under Mass Destruction’s bed.
  2. In the early morning, take the liquid griffin claws and knead them in a burger bread form to your liking (2 halves per person).
  3. Grate the outer layer of 5 griffin claws per person away and add 0.5 L water to the grated… stuff.
  4. Knead this in a burger form, and solidify with your heating object:
    inside of the outer layer of your heating object: 0.2 milliseconds for very rare, 0.5 milliseconds for rare
    at a 1 metre distance from your heating object: 0.1 millisecond for blue rare, 5 milliseconds for medium
    at a 1-kilometre distance from your heating object: 200 milliseconds for medium well
    at a 50-kilometre distance from your heating object: 1 second for well done.
  5. Put the burgers between the two griffin burger bread halves.
  6. For the remaining 20 griffin claw cores: You can either add those as extra layers in the burger or serve them as a side dish.

Desert: Self-Beaten Griffin ice cream.

You know what’s sexy? Whipping (ice cream)! It’s so impossible that it’s a great way to show off your strength and omnipotence!

  1. Crush 21 griffin claws into a fine powder (40 if you really like ice cream). Save 1.
  2. Combine with 15 (or 30) litres of water.
  3. With this combination, go to the 500th floor of the Dungeon. It’s cold there, so keep moving or you might freeze!
  4. Start whipping it into ice cream really fast, with your 3 intertwined griffin claws.
  5. When you’re happy about the thickness, go back up.
  6. Crush the remaining griffin claw into a thin powder, and sprinkle over the ice cream.
  7. Serve while it’s cold and enjoy!


We call this type of coffee the Grind House, for no particular reason.

  1. Take 150 millilitres water per person and divide over the cups.
  2. Scratch the outer layer away from 2 griffin claws per cup and put it in the cups.
  3. Heat 1 milliseconds at a 1-kilometre distance from your heating object.
  4. Stir and serve the remaining griffin claws as a side snack.


The ingredients suggest this meal tastes quite monotonous, but that’s far from true! Griffin claws usually go through a lot of different situations you might not want to know about, which makes the taste really… peculiar. Usually, it tastes surprisingly good though!

Something we of the Cooking Sun really like about these recipes, is that you never know how it’ll taste. If you have the time, griffin claw dishes are perfect for you! These dishes are always a surprise, and the ingredients are easy to acquire. Well, good luck!

Pro tip: Avoid griffin claws with brown specks.


Ingredientes necesarios

Recién Envejecido Vino Fino
Personal de Delicious Bees
Shell de Gam-Rah
Stale Buscuits Acre
Secret Salt

Comience con un toque de Newly Aged Fine Wine en una sartén mediana. Llevar a ebullición. Reduzca el fuego para hervir a fuego lento.

Agregue un apretón viril de miel de usted Personal de Delicious Bees. (Use un Gizmo de Esgrima si es demasiado débil, ¿tiene un lvl de menos de 85?). Continúe hirviendo a fuego lento y revuelva hasta que esté bien mezclado.

Agregue su caparazón de Gam-Rah y sumerja por completo el caparazón en la mezcla que hierve a fuego lento. Deje que la cáscara se cocine a fuego lento durante 2 horas, lo que hará que queden sobras, deliciosos, restos de carne del caparazón … mmmm … cartílago.

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Grave soup

4 walrus scraps
4 manticorpse scraps
2 booger crystals
1 vial of psyquil
2 pinches beast dandruff
1 shell of gam rah
2 dragon flagon

  1. Place psyquil and dragon flagon in shell then place over campfire. Wait for boil.

  2. Add your walrus and manticorpse scraps wait 20 minutes til tinder.

  3. Add your pinch of beast dandruff.

  4. Add as much crack booger crystal for your desired tang and… Bam!!!

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Secret Ember Style braised Griffin claws
(As seen in the Book of Poorly Kept Secrets)

5 Griffin claws
2 Candy Necklaces
25 Minion Teeth (bottom row only)
2 lbs Pungent Beans
3 oz. Dragon Flagon (divided)
1 Ever Accurate Rock (finely crushed)

Combine minion teeth, Griffin claws, 2 oz of dragon Flagon in a large ceramic pot to boiling.

Add pungent beans carefully. Heated minion teeth will try and bite until cooked COMPLETELY down.

Strain and place back on heat.

Pulverize ever accurate Rock and add half to the pot and save the rest.

Place a lid on the pot and cook in the oven at
EXACTLY 1744° F for 2.5 hours.

At 2 hour mark mix remaining ever accurate Rock with the dragon Flagon and spread on top.
Cook remaining 30 minutes with no lid.

Mmmmmmm!!! Literally a CAN’T MISS meal😜

Good morning Ember Realm! Today on recipes from the Sticky Spell Book we have two guests!

Our first guest is the all-mousey Scion of Chaos who will be teaching us how to make his favourite cheesy bone marrow beans!

And later today in the show we have Spell Binder coming to enchant us with her Elven fruit à la mode.

cheesy bone marrow beans

Diabolical shank
Slow cooker

Fairy fodder
Pungent beans
Spritely fruit
Dragon flagon
Deadly cheese
Stale biscuits
Secret salt

Scion took a fairy classic and upgraded it to his liking! The tooth–I mean bone marrow from the fairy fodder is normally slow cooked for 12 hours with pungent beans in a liquid base of Spritely fruit and Dragon flagon but this Scion believes nothing is perfect without a bit of cheese.

For this upgrade you will need to travel to the depths of the epic dungeon to find Scions favourite cheese, Deadly Cheese. He brought some today but for those at home who can’t survive the trip head online and order some today from his personal website Gorgonzola.emb.

An hour before you take the fairy fodder out of the slow cooker cover it in the Deadly Cheese and season to taste with some secret salt. He insists that you need to eat it with a Diabolical shank but won’t tell us why.

Serve cheese side up for presentation with the delicious broth around it and Stale biscuits for dipping!

And now into the second half of our show.

Elven fruit à la mode

Secured kitchen knife
Waffle iron

Elven Last Resort
Carob chips
Fortitude fluid
Newly aged fine wine
Unicorn tears
Staff of delicious bees

Our enchanting Spell Binder insists we should use a secured kitchen knife for safety. To start she brought her favourite fruit, the Elven Last Resort. This fruit is said to be forbidden but today we managed to get some.

Let’s make up some Fortitude fluid and add Carob chips to taste. Mix it up and let’s make some waffles!

Next up is the à la mode. Combine Newly aged fine wine, Unicorn tears, and some ice and shake shake shake followed by freeze.

Once the waffles and icecream are both ready put a scoop of icecream on top of the waffles and add the elven last resort. Top the icecream off by using the Staff of delicious bees for some fresh honey. This dessert will have your guests under your spell! Let’s all give a good round of applause for this adorable elf and the magic she worked on stage today!

Make sure to order yourself a fasting ouroboros because after this feast you will need it! And don’t forget to buy your copy of Sticky Spell Book today so you can enjoy these favourites every day!


New Orleans Favorite

2 Stale Biscuits, halved
2 Cups Pungent Beans
1 Spritely Fruit, diced
1 Portal Princess shard, ground

Moosh the Pungent Beans with a Homebrew Hammer, soak overnight in Eye Boggling Potion. Strain through Belt of Many Holes to save the juice. Add Spritely Fruit and simmer for fifteen minutes, or until softened. Serve over the Stale Biscuits. Grind the Portal Princess shard with a R.O.C.K. as a garnish, to add sweetness. Serve in a Ring of Privilege.

Willow Druid can provide excellent winemaking grapes if you so inclined.

Hero’s Jerkey
These leather pieces get so embued with sweat and blood from battle, they come together to make a supercharged strengthening jerkey.
1 Strapping Vest
1 No Frills Armor
2 Uncomforable Pauldron
1 Fortitude Fluid
1 Secret Salt
Grizzled Hunter came up with this classic jerkey recipe. Remove all the metal from the vest, armor, and pauldron. Put in a large pot, just covering with water. Add the Fortitude Fluid and simmer until the strips are gummy and stick together. Roll the pieces together, slice into strips, secretly add Secret Salt and smoke from sun up to sun down. Your Hero’s Jerkey will keep for years.

This protein bar produces farts that make your enemies run for the hills!
9 Pungent Beans
1 Fairy Fern
1 Dragon Flagon
1 Beast Dandruff
Have Stone Guard crush up the beans, and mash together with the Fairy Fern into a poultice. Add the Dragon Flagon to bind the mixture together. Form a bar and roll it in Beast Dandruff. Eat before battle and bend over! You’ll have the smelliest farts in all of Ember.

Love Potion
It’s in the title. Very potent! Love conquers all, this is guaranteed to make you irresistable.
4 Newly Aged Fine Wine
100 Carob Chips
1 Candy Necklace
1 Staff of Delicious Bees
1 Psy-Quil
Blend the Carob Chips and Candy Necklace with the Staff of Delicious Bees into a syrup. Add to the wine, and make sure the liquid is consistent before stirring in the Psy-Quil. The sugars and excessive amount of Carob overpowers the taste of the Psy-Quil.

Hey there, IamDehFury here! I have got a few recipes to share with you all.

Acinacea’s Fruiticious Suprise
1 Necronomicado
2 Forbidden Fruit
4 Spritely Fruit
1 Newly Aged Fine Wine (with only a fourth of the wine)
A quart of water (a fourth of a gallon)
1 Dragon Flagon
1 Butcher’s Hackblade
2 Pugilist Wraps (optional)
1 stirring spoon
1 cooking pot
A stove

Take out the Necronomicado out of its jar (do not discard the jar). Then with all of your fruits, cut them all down into small cubes. Open up your Newly Aged Fine Wine and place the cubed fruits into the bottle. Close the bottle and then shake it up for 2 minutes. Then, empty all of the contents a pot along with a quart of water into a pot.
Put the cooking pot on a stove and then turn up the heat. Stir it up with a stirring spoon and keep doing this until it boils. If you feel uncomfortable with the heat, put on a set of Pugilist Wraps to help yourself withstand it. Once it is boiling, turn off the heat, and empty the Dragon Flagon’s substance into the cooking pot to seal the deal. Stir for 2 minutes and then serve.

But wait! We’re not done yet! I got a side dish to add to it.

Goolicious Biscuits:
2 Stale Biscuits (preferably fresh ones)
1 Staff of Delicious Bees (without the staff and the bees of course!)
1 Bottle of Fortitude Fluid
1 empty jar (from what the Necronomicado used to be in)
1 Butcher’s Hackblade
1 half of Utterly Useless Hourglass (without the cap and the sand.)

Fill in the jar by spilling some honey from the Staff of Delicious Bees and the substance from the Bottle of Fortitude Fluid (make sure not add too much in the jar as you’re going to be injecting them into the Stale Biscuits). Close the jar and then shake for 5 minutes. This will mix any leftover parts of the guacamole (since the Necronomicado was in there), honey, and the substance of the Fortitude.
Cut the top part of those Stale Biscuits with your Butcher’s Hackblade to make an opening (but make sure the opening is not too big!). Then, stick in the half of the Utterly Useless Hourglass into a Stale Biscuit (this will serve as a funnel for transporting the substances from the jar. )Yay, the hourglass has some use!)). Hold the half of the Utterly Useless Hourglass firmly and have a friend help you spill the mixed substance from the jar into it. Make sure to leave enough of the jar’s contents for the other Stale Biscuit!

And now, you know how to serve a good meal of Acinacea’s Fruiticious Surprise and Goolicious Biscuits.

War meatballs with red wine for 2 persons:


  • 2 Newly Aged Fine Wine
  • 20 Elven Last Resort
  • 1 Dwarven Beard Flute
  • 2 Candle Stabra
  • 1 Igneous Rock
  • 2 Fairy Fern
  • 2 Necronomicado
  • 2 Fortitude Fluid
  • 2 7 Years of Bad Luck
  • 4 Martial Claws
  • 2 Eye boggling

How to serve:

First stop the Elven Last Resort in the Dwarven Beard Flute.
After the Elven Last Resort is prepared in the Dwarven Beard Flute, you put the Dwarven Beard Flute in the Igneous Rock where the temperature is 200 degrees. After about 30 minutes, remove the Dwarven Beard Flute from the Igneous Rock and serve the 20 Elven Last Resort in 2 pots of Necronomicado. Decorate the Necronomicado with Fairy Fern and place in both pots Necronomicado a Candle-Stabra. To finish off, 10 Elven Last Resort is speared and served on a tray of 7 Years of Bad Luck on both Candle-Stabra.
At dinner 4 Martial Claws are offered to the food lovers to pick up the 20 Elven Last Resort from the Candle-Stabra.

Finally, drink is still served. It is a mix of 1 Newly Aged Fine Wine, 1 Eye Boggling and 1 Fortitude Fluid for extra energy during the war.

After eating this menu every person is able to win a war!

Enjoy it!

Recipe made by El Guerrero - Server 2

Recipe: Homade spaghetti chips


2x staff of delicious bees
2x crystal balls
2x Dragon flagon
3x secret salt
3x Bags of carob chips
2x bags of pungent beans
5x biscuts stale

STEP 1: Put staff of delicious bees, crystal balls, and secret salt.
STEP 2: Mix it all up.
STEP 3: Cook It for 30 mins.
STEP 4: Put Carob Chips, Pungent beans, and stale biscuts in a bowl.
STEP 5: Crush them up and mix.
STEP 6: Take sauce out and pour it over the carob chips, pungent beans and stale biscuts.
STEP 7: Put in oven for 10 mins.
STEP 8: Enjoy the Homade spaghetti chips.


Newly aged fine wine
Dragon flagon
Fortitude fluid
Eye boggling potion

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Fruit Jelly on Stale Biscuits

2 Spritely Fruits
1 Forbidden Fruit
1 Elven Last Resort
3 Candy Necklaces
1/3 c Staff of Delicious Bees honey
1 oz. Dragon Flagon
1 T Beast Dandruff
1 t Psy-Quil
A pinch of Secret Salt (don’t tell ANYONE that you added this ingredient)
1/4 c Eye Boggling Potion
12 Stale Biscuits

Chop the Spritely Fruits, Forbidden Fruit, and then the Elven Last Resort with the Diabolical Shank. Combine. The heat from the Diabolical Shank should turn the fruits into a jelly like substance, but if it doesn’t then go get yourself a new Diabolical Shank and repeat this step. Crush the Candy Necklaces with a Homebrew Hammer then combine with the fruit mixture. Add honey from the Staff of Delicious Bees, Dragon Flagon, Beast Dandruff, Psy-Quil, Secret Salt, and an Eye Boggling Potion to the fruit mixture. Put on heat until you notice bubbling. Cut the Stale Biscuits in half with a Hangry Hatchet (doesn’t matter which half). Spread the fruit jelly on the Stale Biscuit halves. Or just use a Cheat Shiv to avoid all hassle of doing anything.

Best served with some Newly Aged Fine Wine.

Sweet and Salty Dragon Cookies for the Introverted Hero
(10 pieces)

10 Stale Biscuits
2 ml Dragon Flagon liquid
10 grams Carob Chips
1 Staff of Delicious Bees
10 Pungent Beans
Secret Salt
1 Tbs Psy-Quil
Newly Aged Fine Wine


  • Grind the Stale Biscuits into fine grains, then add 2ml of the liquid inside the Dragon Flagon for the mix to become paste. Let the paste sit in open air for 30 minutes.

No one knows what it is, but it is only safe when made into a cookie.

  • During that time, collect the honey from the Staff of Delicious Bees, crush the pungent beans, and mix all together with a tablespoon of Psy-Quil.
    (Note: The Psy-Quil might not taste good, but the taste will make sense when combined with the liquid from the Dragon Flagon)

  • Take the psy-honey-beans-quil mix and the paste and incorporate them together into an even bigger paste to which 1 tablespoon of Secret Salt and 10 grams of Carob Chips is added during the process of mixing. Then, separate the paste into 10 individual pieces; the shape can be subjective to the chief.

  • Let the result bake for 1 hour.

  • Finally, enjoy eating the cookies alone, since your friends would have left after you included the Pungent Beans into the mix. To facilitate the consumption, have a drink of Newly Aged Fine Wine on the side.

This recipe is recommended for heroes who do not like to share their food.

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