The Great Ember Cookoff!


Le’Fruit Delicion

Starters … Must prepare with simple cooking utensils :

  1. R.O.C.K Kay Ring
  2. Diabolical Shank
  3. Festive Vest ( in case not to get too dirty)


  1. 2 Pungent Beans
  2. 2 of a Stale Biscut
  3. Teaspoon of Secret Salt
  4. 1/2 Forbidden Fruit
  5. 2 Spritely Fruit
  6. 2 Staff of Delicious Bees Scrap
  7. 1 Bottles of Newly Aged Fine Wine



You want to start by breaking up your Stale Biscuts up for 20 minutes where it seams to look like flower again.


Once you got your Biscuts out of the way grab your R.O.C.K Key Ring and crush up your Pungent Beans. Add this to your bowl of crushed up Biscuts to add it flavor.


Get your Diabolical Shank and your Fruits. Cuts your 1/2 of Forbidden Fruit and your 2 Spritely Fruits. Once done put them aside.


Get your 2 Staffs of Delicious Bees Scraps and get all that honey out. Pour it onto your fruits so it can get that not to sour but not to sweet taste.


Get your flowered up biscuts n beans and 1 bottle of wine. You want to do is pour 1/4 of your Newly Aged Fine Wine and stir it till you see your flower getting reddish n fluffy. May take about 15 minutes to get how you want it too.


Once thats done take about 1/4 from your fluffy flower, shape it as a flat round cap. The rest you may shape it as a bowl. Grab your cut up fruits and stuff them in your bowl. Grab your Secret Salt and add on a teaspoon to your fruits. This will give it the a rich flavor.

Final Step.

Get your cap to close your bowl and cook it about 30 to 45 minutes.

It may be long cooking dish but I assure you it is WORTH THE TIME!

Once done … Wala!

Le’Fruit Delicion !

Grab your dish set it down and grab your self a cup . Pour some wine and enjoy your meal :smirk::ok_hand:


Recipe? Cog doesnt need no fancy recipe. He just walks over to stump, non chalantly stabs rabbit with axe. Sits down and roasts over fire. Complains about “kids these days” as it crackles. Then he chows.


It’s time to draw The Great Ember Cookoff to a close, and we’re astounded at how many delicious Ember dishes were entered into the contest! Without further ado, we’d like to present our top 3 favorites!

First Place
In First Place we have @Hgtgdfhh who managed to create three wonderful dishes, including a well thought out Manticorpse Sautée that had us drooling! Congrats on winning the grand prize of 10,000 Diamonds!

Second Place
In Second Place we have @IamDehFury, whose Goolicious Biscuits and Acinacea’s Fruiticious Surprise sounded absolutely irresistible. Congrats on winning 5,000 Diamonds!

Third Place
In Third Place we have @Helios, who managed to create a grand 5 course meal using only Griffin Claws! This feat definitely didn’t go overlooked, congrats on winning 5,000 Diamonds!

Thanks to everyone who participated and made this such a fun contest!


Woohoo! I did not expect myself to win a contest such as this. It took some for me to come up with these recipes as I barely cook. Congrats to the other winners.


I refused to participate in this contest due to fair of encountering a goat stew recepie.

Im glad a “veggie” recepie won!


I’m glad we were able to hold our restaurant’s honor up high! My saus chef was already worrying how it might’ve been too boring :sweat_smile:


I’m really surprised I won! I had a lot of great competition. Thanks guys!