The last guild competition - started on 01.02.2019


Hi Guys,

I wanted to bring something in experience here. More specifically, it is about the following:

Me and another player changed the guild last week on friday about 2 or 1 1/2 hours before the start of the guild competition.
We are aware that you have to wait 24 hours to participate in all guild activities.
When these 24 hours were over everything went smoothly even at the portal lords event we could join in and collect all the rewards.

However, only the progress rewards of the guild competition we have not received despite active participation after the cooldown.

Therefore, we ask ourselves what do you think, in this case, would it be possible to retrieve this progress rewards later? After all, points were also contributed to the competition, but only later. Generally we had read that it is possible to get something retrospectively. There were also people who were in a similar situation like us, but still got the progress rewards.

Or if you think this is not possible. Would a kind of compensation be possible in this particular case? Although we did get the rank rewards in the end, we were left empty handed on the other rewards.

Here is the screenshot with the progress rewards:

Thank you in advance :).


Old contest?

No, there isn’t a way for you guys to get your rewards now


Btw reason I say “old contest?”

Is because 7 days later you make a post about it


I have already mentioned it with the support and there it was said that this was supposedly not possible.

But again, there were cases where it was not a problem. That’s why I wanted to ask here in the forum what the opinion of the community is ^^.


Sometimes you’re lucky
Sometimes not


If progress rewards were earned by the guild before you joined… You’d miss out as had already been delivered to the team that earned them…
If you joined before progress tiers were reached you would have a rightful claim to them


The 24 hour cooldown was finished 22 hours after the contest started
Most guilds finish all rewards under 1-2 hours
Unlucky man


Yes, it is true that we joined our new guild before the start of the contest. This can be enough people related and that can also look per blue. So that’s why we think we have a right to it. after all, we also put some torches in this competition ^^. Unfortunately, this was only possible after the 24 hours. In other words, we have not collected any rewards in the old guild before.


excuse me that can not be. We find the same right for all ^^.


As was explained to your guild rep in the leader chat, guilds have a 24hour cool down / lock out period.

Any and all rewards earned by the guild in that time, you are ineligible for.

That’s true for all of it.
Not some of it
I have no idea what turtle is talking about, or why they are confusing this issue.

This is a known mechanism to avoid people jumping from guild to guild to collect rewards or help with fortress or wars or portal lords etc.

I am sorry for you that you missed out on rewards, particularly as they were very good rewards.

However, to anyone reading this thread.
Don’t change guilds just before a contest.

When you’ve raised an issue in a support ticket and been given an answer, and asked in the PQ server and been told the same answer, feel free to attempt to get lots of people onside With your predicament in these forums…
Just realise that it really isn’t going to make any difference.
The nice person (presumably sammsquamch) has already told you how it is.
What we all think about it is irrelevant.

If this 24 hour lockout was lifted, people could theoretically jump between guild to guild (working out timings in advance) and collect the progress rewards multiple times over.

The same people complaining that this is unfair, would be complaining about that.

I’m mainly ranting here, because my support ticket that I submitted this morning has been dealt with, and I am not happy with the outcome.
However, I accept that it isn’t going to change by me complaining here. So I’m not (well im not making my own thread about it, asking for public opinion to change it lol)


Eloquent and concise. Perfect explanation of the issue at hand :wink:


We know that they were told as well.

However, it is true that some have received the progress rewards and others, now us, have not. That’s why we either think all or none.

Therefore, we wanted to ask again here how the community sees it. There’s nothing wrong with that. Does not hurt anyone ^^. You can try it. Maybe there are others who have experienced something like that and can report about it.

With us it is a special case. We would not open a thread for every little thing. But here we already find that you can do it. Above all, we have already read that it is possible or perblue sometimes has already sent compensation.

There are always possibilities to change or move something. There are plenty of mobile games where in such cases the developers are much more accommodating and take care of the community. We do not demand anything extremely illogical or what would not be fair to other people ;).
At least that’s our opinion and how we’ve already experienced it.

At war, fortress it’s a different matter. Because there is no right to participate even after 24 hours. However not at a contest or Portal Lords that go several days.

Please think logically about this :thinking:.
At Portal Lords you do a quest after the cooldown and can collect everything afterwards. Also, the things that the old guild has already unlocked, and there you can also collect previous and not just the new what the new guild has unlocked new.
At the contest, you make 1 million points and do not get the progress rewards. While others in the guild get them even though they scored 0 points.

In addition, we can not understand why Portal Lords and Contest have done differently. One is retroactive, the other is not. This is slightly contradictory for us.

In the end, it was not known, because such information is nowhere. When it comes to Portal Lords, you think it’s the same with the contest. As I said, the contest not even started. That’s why we think they stand by us. We have made our contribution after the cooldown.

So you can not collect several times. It have to be so regulated that this is possible only once in the event. That goes with Portal Lords too, so why not at a contest ;). One should already set up rules, which are also comprehensible.

That’s why you have no advantage and can take what you do not deserve. That would have to be the case, if it would not give this lock, now referring to the contest.

We do not want to start a discussion here, but it’s human that you do not want to put up with such incomprehensible behavior ^^.


Have we misunderstood you? Because for us you have described it so that we would be entitled to the rewards. That’s why we answered you accordingly :sweat_smile:.

Maybe it came to the misunderstanding, since I’m from Germany as you can see on the screenshot.


I missed out the 24 hour lockout… Should’ve added that to reconcile the confusing part


If the dev said no in your ticket
Then it’s a no


But you say some got their rewards.

do you have any reliable sources?
Link to posts about it?
Players who got it?
Developers saying it?



This information can be found here in the forum and from other players. There were already people who had similar problems. We do not just say that and as I said, you can always ask. In other games has ever brought something ^^. No matter if it brings something or not, this “regulation” is not really thought out. But there are enough people who let anything happen with them without questioning it.


Things can always change. It’s obviously no guarantee, but don’t give up hope.


Let’s hope so :crossed_fingers:.


Don’t think there is hope

You got a no, from the developers
Nothing can change that

Some other companies might give something, who knows.
But you also ask very late (7 days later)

So I see no reason for this post to go any longer