The Lord Mage Tower Bonus

Is the ‘Aspect Assault skill’ this time - and again nowehere I can find any explenation on this skill anywhere… Not even google knows… Anyone?

It’s in the ol War 2.0 guide… But it’s named different :sweat_smile:.

In the guide it’s called Aspect Damage. Just look for the “Mage Towers” section of this post…

I had looked there and read the whole thing again - from your previous reply actually - But could not imagine them changing something like this for this exact reason - I’m quite astonished by some of PerBlue obvious glitches

and how can you be certain that ‘Aspect Assault skill’ is the same as ‘Aspect Damage’?

I speak Perbluenese


Perhaps the PB gods will grace us with their presence in this thread and confirm :innocent:

Wouldn’t it be cool if the random weekly buffs had descriptions within the game? Maybe in war help? Instead of trying to search through endless forum posts to find it?


Dang it Jenni.
That’s just crazy talk!

That would be coooool

Look at mid mage tower perk

That doesnt explain what the perk does, only what its called.

Maybe you need to read it slightly more :slightly_smiling_face:

Press the ‘view’ button

When pressing "view’ - only more frustrations pops up.
Have you even pressed it yourself?

Defender damage bonus:
FLUID ASPECT Defenders have 10% more attack - Here I can only think - who the heck are those, is there a fourth aspect? (I know there aint)

Defender HP Bonus:
FLUID ASPECT Defenders have 15% more HP - I mean, explain your game just a bit clear please.

Seriously PB, is there none of you who can actually look into explaining your own game clearly?

Seriously PB, is there really nothing you can do to stimulate the fun parts of the game a bit more?

Seriously PB, are you guys really not able to improve interaction with the rest of the players, especially guildies?

Seriously PB, Is there really noone of you who can improve the layout of all the skills of the over 100 toons, and so that you dont have to switch between tabs or scroll up and down like a madman just to find 1 toon?

Seriously PB - Get your act together and get back on this game PLEASE!

That ss is from warp mage FYI

whats ure point?

I send a screenshot of Warp Mage, and highlight the bit that says aspect fluid

I don’t see what’s hard to understand about this

The topic is about the wartowers - U think its logic to have to go to a toon of 106 toons to find out what somethig means?

When they say “fury defenders blah blah blah extra health blah” people seem to understand…

…what’s different about fluid ones?

They are hardly going to list every hero the buff affects lmao

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The Fluid Aspect gets no explanation - which is a simple thing to do