The Portal Lords Draweth!


Hahaha you can’t laugh at me more then I have at myself… Lady Spikey Boots lmao


Sir Horace, my sons entry


My own try :blush:


damn pumpkin

A long time ago, a hero got to descend more than 1000 levels in the dungeon, was loaded with pumpkin seeds in a zurron … When he died, his cursed blood impregnated those seeds making them grow where life never arrived, filling his interior with hatred and evil, over time they became demonic beings.
Armed with a spiked ball that stuns and bleeds the hitter and a spear-like weapon that opens the vein and crosses shields, is able to immobilize its rivals with vines for a few seconds, powerful and very difficult to beat, this furious boss regenerates his own life thanks to his condition of plant.



First post for a while. Nevertheless felt this was a great time to showcase my skills :joy: Accurate Portal Lord af :ok_hand:








I tried lol don’t be to harsh on me thanks and enjoy.


The Lord of Darkness has arrived. Would you dare face him and his mystical beast? Only you can decide.

(Edit2: Spent more time on this one and edited it, it looks way better. Click on edit history to see my previous one)



My drawing of Lord Focus…
I have ideas for the others but since they said one, I decided to develop only him.



My samurai rebel. Painful on the field and vengeful in death. The ultimate warrior .



Wow, we can’t believe all the wonderful entries! We’re excited to announce our three winners, who really embodied the spirit of a Portal Lord:

Thanks to everyone who participated, and congrats to the winners!