The Portal Quest Royal Tournament: Sweet Sixteen!


Hear ye hear ye, the Royal Tournament has begun! 16 of our bravest Heroes will face off in multiple battles where YOU will decide who moves on to the next round, but only one can be crowned CHAMPION! Follow the link below to vote for your favorite Heroes, and at the end of the each round there will be a celebration of Events! First round voting ends 09:00 CT on Tuesday, July 25th.


Sounds fun! :smiley:


if people use logic whoever is backline in a backline v frontline is gonna get mauled


Logic has no place in a battle of favoritism!


Can someone post a results link so I can look at how it’s going without double-voting?


fair point but let’s face it, pp wouldn’t stand a chance against howling claw


I voted…but I dont think anyone understands what we are voting for…did perblue move to DC?:joy:
Seriously, anyone know what this is all about?


It’s an event to gauge what heroes the community like the most and then do sales for shards of said heroes.

It’s an amazing move from a marketing standpoint. Not only will they almost certainly sell more than usual but they also get the community involved.


Did u figure out what the vote was for?