The Real Reason for the Merge

Today and Tuesday’s war

Our guild

Enemy guilds

This feels very unfair. I oftentimes feel like we lose wars because of our power. Which pretty bogus for a strategy game.

I’m guessing you won at least 2 wars in a row to get that high up in the rankings though? Can’t have an easy matchup every time

For reference, we lost 8 wars. 4 of those losses felt earned.


Exactly… if you win two in a row, you get higher in the rankings, so get tougher opponents.

This comes off as very greedy to me. I know we won two but we shouldn’t be facing a top 3 war guild.

It’s an unfair pairing for sure… But you should build a real Guild too without those infinite alts … Wadda Things 1 2 3 4 … Etc

Is @Drunk_Ed multiplying…?

What a horrible thought to leave me with

A guild without alts you say? Didn’t hear that thinG in ages…

We’re chill. We’re just here to have fun. :slight_smile:

Though you don’t get on leaderboards by being chill. :frowning:

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