The rebirth of the Portal Quest Wiki!


Hey all,

If you haven’t seen the wiki yet, check it out: PQ Wiki

I’m starting this thread for anyone who wants to help, is curious about helping, or just has suggestions about the wiki.

It’s still in its early stages, but Grizzl gave me a great foundation to start with. Right now I’m working on getting all the hero pages done (the wiki stopped at Purple rank before I started, so there’s quite a few missing), while also adding any missing skills on the Skills page. I have a specific format I’m working with, but if you’re familiar with Wikia editing, feel free to help add pages (I just copy the source from a finished one and fill in the info. I’ve already added tons of images so they usually pop right in as long as you title them right.)

If you like adding info but don’t know much about formatting or just plain old don’t want to, feel free to type away and I can format it for you later. I get notifications about every change made so I always go and review them. We could use pages on the wiki for basically every “location” icon on the game, such as Trials, Fortress, etc. Some of this info could be pulled right from forums posts about patch notes! Same with some images! I just haven’t gotten a chance to dig through them yet. If you add an image though, just be sure to use the proper format: Image_Name.png (<- just like that - no spaces, only underscores, each first letter in caps, and png is lowercase.)

I’m trying to keep a To Do and Needs list up to date, so if you’re curious about things I could use, be sure to check there. One easy thing would be colored images of the epic gear for each hero (without the pesky share icon covering it up), but that may have to come from a PQ dev. Also, transparent icons for Silence and Charm.

Also, I’m working on a spreadsheet that lists every skill and the value of its damage or healing or whatever it is, at all skill levels possible, so I can make a graph/chart to put on the wiki. Here’s a view-only link. Basically anyone can help with that. You can just go through your skills and enter in the orange number on each. I’ve been using my heroes for this, but I could use more, since I don’t have the funds to level them all, hehe. Unfortunately, to prevent vandalism, I can’t make editing the spreadsheet public. So, if you’d like to help with this we can do one of two things: 1. you can PM me your email address and I’ll make you an editor on the document and you can input your own numbers, or, 2. you can post your values here or in a PM (after verifying I don’t have them already), and I’ll add them for you.

And last but not least: I need ideas! The wiki is very basic now, but I want it to be a hub for all Portal Quest info for players of all levels. Let me know what you think we should add! There’s certain things you’ll notice are missing, such as any mention of “max levels” or where to get Hero shards. Since this info varies from server to server, I will not be adding it to the wiki. I’d like it to be correct info for all servers.

Thanks all!


Love the dedication to setting this up
I’ve had a couple scrolls through it to check it out and it does look well presented
Hopefully it serves as a helping hand to anyone who needs the information :sunglasses:


Good job Alice


Grizzl was awesome. Hope he’s doing well.


A new note about skills (thanks Reveille) - I was unaware star level of the hero affected skills. I’m working on updating the spreadsheet so there is a section for each star level.


All hero pages are DONE! At least until more come out! :slight_smile:

Check em out!


Even a pesky pixie!

Love it :slight_smile:


Hey guys, tons of new stuff on the wiki!

Be sure to check it out, it’s growing fast!

Also, I could still use people willing to enter skill data into this spreadsheet. It doesn’t take much, and the more people who help, the faster it can get filled in and we can transfer the data to the wiki! We can even start calculating formulas for the skills once we have enough data and I remember how to math (lol). Let me know if you can help and I’ll give you edit rights!


It’s also possible that if you ask PB really nicely they’ll give you the skill progression :slight_smile:


I mentioned it, and it sounds like they want us to do the math. :slight_smile:


@OhRlyeh tells me off when I do the math.

Like when I point out that one level of the torch size perk adds up to lighting one extra room per four torches burnt.

One room in every four full torches used.
That’s not including the steps that you had to walk to get there…

But still, gotta buy them all …


Working on Campaign pages now!


You even put the dialogues in :joy: :clap: I love these, you do an amazing job…


Thank you so much! I’m glad people are enjoying it.


Amazing, love it! You did, however, forget this very important hero. :wink:


I never got him :sob:
He’s so rare that I didn’t even get 1 single shard after opening thousands of chests :sob: :sob: :sob:



Bumping old April fools jokes ready for the next year makes me like…



Thank you Polaris!

And I think that hero does need a spot on the wiki. I’ll see what I can do. I got a good, hearty laugh out of that post when I found it.


I havent looked at your wiki yet😁 but am playing on sisters account that passed. Anyways she has boxes of stats from her playing that im more than willing to share. Ill even mail all of them to you. Jk. But am willing to share.