The root cause of my issue with dungeon


I feel more like a
Travelling salesperson
Than an explorer.


knock knock
Oh hello, Mr travelling salesman … I’m not interes… Arrrrgh
Stab stab stab stab stab
Raids pockets for loot

Just like a travelling salesman.


I feel more like a
Sea Turtle
Than a Turtle


I see turtle


The “Travelling Salesman Problem” is a famous problem about finding the shortest path that traverses all nodes in a graph. These days, on S1 at least, dungeon is just a variant of that. There’s no need to manual or worry about healing before a fight, etc.

And I’d like to say I avoided using the gender specific term to be sensitive to others, but really I just needed to get my syllable count correct.


Your haiku was good.
I was too tired to play,
Pesky syllables.