The Server Merge!

You’re always in what other people are doing😆

Mici is too busy starting :poop: on forums to play the game :joy:

I know!
I’ve already fallen to fifth place :frowning:

Edit: third.
Gosh those two are whaley whales…

Watch them be the same player lol
Keeping PQ alive all by themselves.
Thank you for your support @Alljaz
(Are you the other one, too?)

I…I have a problem…

I blame Bob

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Nah, WhatTha is definitely WhatTha; and Alljaz is definitely Alljaz

I’m #1!

I beat Dom?
Dang, that’s impressive…

Seriously though, that’s a very random and inappropriate comment.

I had left, but came back just to flag you.
Have a nice day.

Hypocrite :rofl::rofl:

One Mici. One flag.

In this case, deserved.
Don’t you think?

There’s only 1 person with such an army these days… also Wadda why child predator?


Even if not worth it have to still protect integrity of great folks regardless …
Slanderous claims falter when they have no support
No ones safe from accusations in life but as a community lets keep it clean,
Im all for mick taking and banter but chat crap and falsify info to perpetuate a lie is bullcrap
its game on for the war of words if thats the route you take :crazy_face::yum:

Ye must be trolling.

I put 9 dots.

Hail, hail the gang’s all here. Noneyas have less than 10 alts so what’s the squabbling about? “Keep it clean” :thinking: must be new to the internet, though I doubt that too :rofl:


Oooh someones flagging like a weirdo on here today :rofl::laughing:
Oh well no skin off my nose

So merge is happening but we are lacking skill points. Is there anyway you can offer a bundle of skill packs for diamonds similar to what you do for essence? Not everyone is shelling out $$$ on the game. HELP US!!!

If you have an opportunity please explain more details I would like to learn more

Is there anyway I can get a copy of that list my email if so please let me know

I need to learn more to understand what you’re talkin about two red and blue please help

So many flags :scream:


Yay, enough flags to have a parade! Keep it up all! Yeah, you can drop one on me, I love collecting them :rofl:

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