The Shire recruiting - Server 4

The Shire is recruiting 85+ active members as we are in current progress of converting from casual to competitive. We are a quiet guild with some chatty members but we are consistently a top 10 guild and would like help to improve. Fortress, war, and portal lords is required partcipation but this should be a given since it helps benefit all members of the guild. Line isnt required but we have a group chat you can be invited to. You can add me in game Gainzforest or search for guild by The shire

Thanks for reading!

Any other server and I would hijack this thread by saying…

Or you could just join comfortably numb.

I mean technically you could.
But I would much rather you joined silver linings.

We do use LINE though.

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So I am recruiting in a recruiting thread, in a recruiting section of the forum…

And I am flagged for moderator attention.
@Ironangel is my message inappropriate?

Thank you to the ones who messaged me in game. We have had quite a number of new members and are on the way of building an active guild. If you are interested add me in game. We are consistenly getting better at events and progressing in war.

Shire has 2 spots open. Add me in game gainzforest if interested, thanks !

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