The War Skipping issue

This subject is never going to be over until the issue is resolved one way or another.

I know everyone’s tired of hearing about it and talking about it. Those that don’t skip feel cheated, those that do skip feel that its strategy.
Regardless of what it is, we all agree it’s playing the system. But what if we took playing the system out of the equation. Still make skipping a viable option because sometimes there may be a legit reason to do so. But what if those that participate in more wars were rewarded? Bonus crowns at the end of the season for participation could be a solution to this issue. Skipping wars would have more of a risk. By giving bonus crowns for participating in more wars would give every guild more incentive to play every war. Let’s say a guild only skips one war, at the end of the season they could receive 50 bonus crowns. And if a guild played every war of the season and were rewarded 75 bonus crowns… It could give guilds more of a chance to recover while making skipping riskier but still an option.

Instead of just a normal thread, let’s see how many want to comment to possibly have something done about it, since nothing ever gets done about it


I prefer normal threads. Long debates hurt because i have to read it all

This really isn’t a long debate, I think this option will benefit every guild that participates in more wars, so even if you want to skip for cap raise or to save on losing crowns that’s fine, those that don’t skip and risk all of that will benefit from bonus crowns by taking the chance of warring. No penalties in this solution just rewards for participation.


Mass debating is fun


How is rewarding people who participate in every war any different than punishing those who skip an extra war…it isn’t. In your example, it is the exact same thing as a -25 crown penalty for skipping a war. It’s the same punishment rephrased in a different way. Try again.

Plus, the issue has been resolved…git gud.

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In real war, you choose the battles that are most advantageous to your side. I would say skipping a war, if intended as a way to keep your opponents at bay, is just another strategy. A defensive one. They lose out on the rewards though for skipping a war regardless of a win or loss.

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I’m going to try Floner’s idea and try to get good hopefully I can learn how to play, the game would be so much better if we just all exploit the loophole from now on.

Could we have one season where we just accept per blue made war like this months and months ago.

Tweaked it a bit after getting our suggestions on discord.
Which was nice.

Then they shut down the discord server.
Have made no discernible attempts to open any actual useful discussions in the forums, following that one weekend.

Have since followed it up with
Hey! Name that thing!
Photoshop the heroes!
Describe this item!
What would you call this dwarf pirate?

(Clearly it would be Buccaneer Bridget, if it wasn’t for the pesky 16 characters limit…)

It’s pretty clear that skipping wars is an intended thing.
It’s pretty clear per blue aren’t tweaking wars.

It’s pretty clear it’s
2 weeks, new hero(es)
2 weeks, cap raise and new hero(es)

Rinse, repeat until we run out of money, all die of Corona virus or President Pig"fondler" finally presses the red button in either a show of macho posturing , or accidentally while he was trying to use the intercom to get his secretary to bring him another couple of dozen burgers and his hydroxychloroquine…


Lol… great post…:joy::joy:

When top guilds skip wars, it helps lower level guilds catch up. Tyvm and you’re welcome!

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I’ll just add some quotes from Sun Tzu - The art of war
It was written about 500 BC and is still valid!

“To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

Think Bruce Lee said that too

I honestly am bored of war skipping conversations.
Has been forever and a day an ongoing thing.

Just make participating in a war rewarding… And I don’t mean rewarding with something that can be bought. I mean rewarding with something that cannot be gained anywhere else in the app. Not war tokens or crystal potion thingys or diamonds or anything currently offered. Something else. A new item or resource or something. I don’t know. But something that cannot be simply bought. Something unique. Something you get for every war hit you do… Or every war you win OR lose. Maybe something like war boxes that contain copious amounts of goddam hero xp that everyone needs. But wait, you can buy xp. Scratch that. I’m just spit ballin here. Perhaps a completely new function needs to be added to the game whereby only participating in wars can you use it or something. Something that is of benefit to all types of players… Whales or f2p. But it has to have value… Good value. Un-purchasable value.

Guilds can then not queue if they wish to play the strategic card or “too many members away for the weekend” card, but will miss out on getting said “unique nuggets of unobtainium goodness”. Top guilds can skip wars, but will not gain special thingys that other guilds will get for queueing and getting their war on.

That’s my only thought of how to null the continuous argument of skipping wars. Cause there is no way to implement a change to it without making one side extremely unhappy and causing even more good people to leave.

There’s my 2 cents.


Dammit boss.
These threads aren’t for sensible suggestions!

But seriously, so much this.
Would solve every issue.

Guilds are not hit by a new way of being penalised in war rankings for taking a powder where needed / wanted.

Guilds that queue for every war get stuff that’s useful and rare.
(I know technically war tokens are already a war only reward, so the counter argument could be just make war shop great again…)

People will still moan, because… People.

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What can I say except you’re welcome
For the tides, the sun, the sky
Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay
You’re welcome
I’m just an ordinary SueyJitSu

Use a positive scoring system.

Winner gets the usual amount of crowns, I’ve no problem with that.

Loser gets say percentage of the crowns depending on how well they perform. Say each tower is 1% for example.

Because spending 20 hours calling hits, only to lose by one point and lose a whole seasons worth of crowns don’t seem fair to me

That whole “lose less crowns based on how well the guild performed in the war” has been talked about for years. Was brought up to the devs way way way back when they were in a line chat with leaders from S1. Long time ago.
Then brought up in the PB discord server when they were asking all guild representatives how we’d like the war system to be improved.

It never happened.

Your point of losing a war by a thin margin resonates oh too well with me and many others no doubt. It’s happened for the last 3 years.
Yes, it would be nice. No, I don’t see it ever being implemented.