There should be a fortress reset button

Currently, a guild has to micromanage fortress if they want to make sure everyone gets to hit and guarantee fortress gets finished. If fortress could be reset, everyone could hit 17 times without affecting other players.

This would let the top guilds get a lot more tokens if they’re given for the second round, but in general the top guilds don’t need more tokens. It would, however, benefit casual players much more. Players who don’t log in every day wouldn’t have to worry about getting their hits in and their guild wouldn’t have to worry about saving lines for them.

I don’t know how this would affect the gold balance between p2p and f2p; I’m sure something like diminishing returns could be implemented if balance is a problem.

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I’m pretty sure most guilds don’t care if everyone hits it
I don’t want to do fortress twice everyday (because I am lazy and it still lags sometimes in it)

A lot of guilds have a lot more tokens than they need, not only top guilds

Fortress is a chore for most people and they want to hit it as little as possible. If more rewards were on offer folks would feel forced to do it rather than leave those on the table but there would be no joy in it.

Fortress is already open all day if someone is “worrying” about getting hits in they have plenty of time to do it in.
I doubt that folks not even logging in every day actually worry about their Fortress dailies. Just let the folks who obviously don’t care be left out.


I see three cases, though there are probably more.

  1. Guild doesn’t have a cap on flags - No change. Sometimes slackers will get a late hit in. WIN
  2. Guild caps flags - Cap removed. Everyone can hit as much as they want. Everyone can fill their score bar. WIN
  3. Guild caps flags early and removes as the deadline gets closer - Cap removed. If you want to use all your heroes in the morning you can. You don’t need to log on just before fortress closes to make sure it’s done. WIN.


I don’t envision extra rewards for clearing the second fortress. I’m just thinking it would be a good way to take some micromanagement out of the game.

A side note: If my biggest concerns about the game are on the order of fortress resets, PB must be doing something right.

You only hit the fortress 17 times?
One hero and one hired merc equals 60+ hits :wink:

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I only hit fortress nine times. That’s why I made this thread.

And I believe there’s a hard cap of 20 so you can’t hit 60 times anyway. We’re being oppressed.

There’s no cap?
You can hit as many times as possible until you have no heroes left

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Welp, the fortress reset idea would have been much better back when people fought over hitting more in fortress. Now we are just trained to do the minimum or nothing at all. Lol

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