Third times the charm. I hope! ;)

This may look slightly familiar.
And given the theory of diminishing returns, I doubt anyone will care…

To anyone that I’ve helped, or that’s liked or commented on anything I’ve said here, to those that have disagreed and discussed changes to PQ, and even to anyone that has made my time on here more entertaining with feeble attempts at “humour”…

Thank you, and goodnight.
Sadly, even I had to grow up one day…

[Most people can move on to another topic now.]

To anyone that I have been in a guild with, shared a server or a LINE chat, or DM.

Thank you.

You have helped me through a time of my life where I needed you more than you will ever know.

However, that time has long passed, and a while ago so did the time where I had paid it forward several times over, and now the crutch becomes a shackle.

My real life, and future happiness, is adversely affected by the amount of time I spend on instant gratification.

I will be damned if I will waste any more of it on random people on the internet, over my family members.

My wife’s time in the ICU focussed my attention on making the most of the time that we have together. Hopefully that’s years to come.


Well, clearly… I blame Bob.

Damn bob :heartpulse:

I like pie

Don’t blame poor Bob :frowning:

in Swedish accent monster

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