Thoughts on each activity


I know the devs don’t read forums, but I’m hoping to generate a community discussion rather than just state my opinions. Here are my thoughts about what should be changed in each area.

Tower/Trials - Great way to help newcomers catch up and f2p level their backlogged heros. Not much for p2p, but that’s fine. The reset tickets are a great idea.

Fortress - Limiting flags is an unfun choice. Let everyone hit with all their heroes and refill as needed. Also, the difficulty algorithm is fubar. High end guilds only need 1 hero for most of the lines.

Crusade - Great for manual practice. Tedious before rading came in, but now it’s fine. Also, the difficulty algorithm is fubar on blockbuster level 4 and 5. After level 3 is clear, the enemies become trivial.

Arena - Annoying to progress until the server is mature, but there’s a sense of accomplishment so that shouldn’t change. On server 1, it’s now easy to get to Plat 1. Challenger is silly around reward time with 50 people trying to hit in the last few seconds, but the rewards are fine even if you don’t compete you still do well. Some people have fun knocking down their friends/enemies so the base mechanics shouldn’t change. The only change I’d actually make would be to issue rewards at a random time 16-24 hours after the previous rewards were sent out. This would let people in all time zones have fun, and give actual incentive to try to stay on top at all times.

Dungeon - Enemies are too easy on server 1. 5 (or even 4) ninnies can clear epic without much problem. Normal is just an endurance contest. Torches are too easy, but wasting them feels bad. Change the torch cap to whatever Cottontail suggests, and sell gear shard chests (with a single shard) for 25 torches each (but that’s a topic for another post). Also, I believe the difficulty is fubared here too. It resets somewhere around level 20 in epic, but I have a hard time testing it.

Contests - Great with the improved rewards. It’s not worth it in terms of prizes to compete for the top 1% which is a good thing. There’s no pressure to try beyond the top progress reward unless you want to for fun.

Portal lords - Fun for high end guilds. I don’t know how the bottom 50% feel.

Guilds - Some percs are underpowered which is fine since they get bought last. Mercs is a fun mechanic (but would be better if fortress weren’t limited). Checkins I guess brings a sense of community?

Merchant/trade ship/dragon shop - Nobody buys things for diamonds, except maybe hero shards (and nuggets at low level. Hard core spelunkers may buy torches – I don’t know.). Maybe put scaled down versions of the deals here instead of random gear.

Sign in - Nuggets and xp are not meaningful at moderate level. Maybe replace with tokens (or not; the new hero mechanic is fine).

Chests - Fun but not so useful when there’s not an event. I’d change the gold chest timer to 46 hours for those who log in at the same time every day, but otherwise it’s fine.

Guild war - Changes are in the works. I’m excited to see them!

Tournament - A small amount of effort every day gets you a reasonable reward. Players who really want to show their skill and spend the time to find the best matchups do better here, as it should be. Casual players don’t fall too far behind so it’s not unbalanced. Keep it as is.

Trophies - Add more! 3, 4, 5, and 6 kills in a single war. 40, 50, 60 flags in fortress. High finishes in arena. Epic dungeon cleared with 4 (or 3!) toons.

Guild shop - It’s not abusive. Don’t make it so. I wouldn’t mind a higher max sell per day, but it’s not worth risking balance.

Rankings - It’s fun to see where you stand. I don’t think any more stats would help.

These are my opinions. There are many like them, but these are mine.


In fortress there is only a limit if your wc, co or leader make one, otherwise there is no flag limit and no we don’t need just “1” hero, most of the lines is actually hard

Your arena idea, sounds good tbh

Dungeon is easy if you’re in a low floor, like under 2000 or something like that if s1, also remove torch quest cap

In contest there is sometimes great rewards, so competing for 1% is sometimes a good idea

Most guilds are lazy at PL, so the bottom guilds with a lot of members, choose to be lazy

Already have a lot of tokens

Gold chest timer doesn’t mather, not taking the gold chest doesn’t mean your progress is ruined

Tournament, some people have a bug with it, fix it, as you can see with the 10 recent topics, because people can’t read, that someone else already asked

The devs do read the forum sometimes, but mostly don’t reply.


So the biggest line we had left was 98k. After I took it out with one hero, the next biggest was 54k. This is a problem.


I experienced this while i was in Molon on s1. I routinely used 1 hero and 1 merc to kill ten zillion lines to fill my bar on the most difficult level. And at the same time my other more casual guild frequently can’t finish on very easy because the lines are too tough for most of the guild.


Also, 2000 seems like a high cutoff for “low floor”.


Fort issues work both ways. Lower-leveled guilds will very frequently encounter a line that nobody in the guild can touch. When a line’s power matches the strongest member’s total power than I may as well give up on fort for that day.


Torch daily cap…
Let’s do away with the can’t collect unless below 999 torches
I use 2000+ torches on a regular week
5000+ for a contest
Slow weeks like this week I won’t use more then 80 torches so in theory will be double the 999 thus can’t collect the daily quest ones
Yes many players have over 10000 and quite a few have over 30000
But in reality they don’t dungeon much at all if ever so why not let others hoard too with what they rightfully earn

@OhRlyeh @Etesian @Hawknet

Please make a response to this comment


Dungeon is easy at 7000+ too (after floor 1750 difficulty increases marginally… After 2800 it never goes any higher then that)
Perks so damn high I kill in 2 seconds every fight
Only issue as has always been the case is a stray mass explosion… Even if he kills one hero it’s still pretty easy to clear any fight with 3 heros :joy:

I’m not asking for it to be more difficult… Must clarify that because harder fights mean more torch burn which isn’t what anyone wants

The less torch burn the better in my eyes :joy::joy:


This guild shop needs remodelling
I’ve not spent any scrip since it opened
Not about to waste 200,000 scrip on 50 turtle shards (that’s nearly 70 days of donations)
Id rather wait that long for hero to be available elsewhere then spend 70 days of earning on some craptastic items :sunglasses: