Thread Resurrection - A Plea for Moderation


I’ve been lurking for a bit here and have noticed a lot of resurrected threads from as far back as 1 or 2 years recently.
If you have something substantive to add and the topic is still relevant that’s great but if you’re just making a flippant comment or the topic has been changed by updates / balance changes you’re just wasting bandwidth.

Think before you resurrect :slight_smile:



True, good words

But doesn’t change much if someone replies to an old topic
There isn’t enough “new” topics, to change anything

That doesn’t make sense hmmmm (what I wrote)

I give up, good post


Ooo let’s make some :slight_smile:


Orrrrrrrrr… Just ban @Adam_the_gamer

Problem solved.


But necroposting leads to hilarious scenarios like this:



Love digging for old stuff to bump :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: let’s go find one​:rofl::rofl:



Polaris said no.
Therefore we mustn’t


Oopsie. :wink:


I’m all for new posts or even old posts that still warrant discussion.

I haven’t been playing long enough to be sure which old posts are still wholly relevant but maybe I can help in a small way with some new ones here and there :slight_smile:


Mostly old posts are not that important
But you’re always welcome to make new posts, as I can see you’re just doing fantastic


Resurrecting threads is the plot to the new Pet Cemetery movie, because just like cats and people, resurrected threads never come back the same.:sunglasses:


I love PQ and


I love flagging Adam


Nice one Mici


Maybe a third party can be delegated to search the posts and Lock/Archive or better ( though it might take some effort by devs to make it available ) permanently Delete them…I Volunteer!


Or you could just not comment on old threads :joy:




This idea definitely smells of personal preference. It forgets newbies who search the forum for help. Unless of course someone is volunteering to combine all those hints/helps under one new topic heading, not forgetting it too will become old and be resurrected.


Well it’s been posted by someone who started playing 7 weeks ago.
It’s hard to get much newer than that.

The majority of players won’t search, they will just ask.
They will also become frustrated with and driven from forums that are cluttered with irrelevant posts in their “Latest” feeds or worse they will led astray by resurrected posts from 2 years ago thinking that it is still applicable to game play today.

Even posts that were helpful to new players long ago are likely to be unhelpful to players starting today.
New heroes and modes have been introduced. Skills have changed or been rebalanced.