Thread Resurrection - A Plea for Moderation

It’s to prevent posts like this one

This is just one of the recent spam posts…
Seriously, who would think that this is useful :thinking:

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Reveille: How will they just ask unless by creating a new topic and adding to the clutter? By far the best option is deletion, barring that to lock the topics which seems your original thought. Both these leave to the admins discretionary choice but a static or bumped help topic would go a long way toward saving newbies and others time and space.

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I think perhaps you didn’t read the original post?

New, relevant topics aren’t clutter.
Resurrected, Still relevant topics aren’t clutter.
Anything that adds actual value to a conversation is not clutter.

Asking people not to resurrect old threads that have no bearing on current game play with comments that add no value to the topic is a far cry from asking that all old threads be removed from Discourse entirely.

Deletion removes historical data which when looked at in context is useful. Popping to the top of your latest feed as if the topic is current does not count as “in context”.
Locking topics exacerbates the problem as it pushes them to the top of the latest feed.

My concern for myself is that these topics popping up in Latest wastes my time and annoys me.
My concern for others (especially newer players) is that they won’t Realize these topics are useless to them and full of bad information and actually Implement that information in their game play.
They’re already behind. There’s no need to give them bad advice so that they have to backtrack more.

As long as irrelevant topics are kept out of Latest the vast majority of folks will never see them unless they search for a topic. If they search for a topic they will be reading the OPs in context and be aware that they may not be current.
Putting them back into the Latest feed implies that they are still relevant and that the information in them is still actionable.


Inset best post of the week gif here

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If you actually read it, you might find out the reason for this topic

@discobot quote

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See above. The bot knows all. @Adam_IV

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