Time limits PLQ,s

:timer_clock: Hate them! Why not just set a certain # of them.I waited for a free gold chest to get 800 gems and the quest offer was gone that is bs if you ask me! My firm conclusion is the developers made it that way just so you would blow all your money diamonds and whatever in an cheap attempt to try and cash in on those horrible $25 buys! Always the same with these stupid freemium games! KILLED MOBILE GAMES FOREVER JUST ANOTHER CHEAP LAME way to make a buck.

The time limit is just another aspect of the challenge.
It’s best to just not take a quest unless you already have all the tools to complete it, in the time allowed.

Find the shrine before taking a shrine quest, have the items in mail or accessible IG before taking a collect quest, make sure that you’ve got players of the right faction And that you can beat them before taking an Arena or Tourney quest, etc etc.


Like if your guild doesn’t have the shop don’t take a shop quest


Yes! That’s a good one. We had a few people make that mistake early on.

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Does it occur to you that if the game doesnt make any profits there is no game ?? Its just like any other business if it isnt profitable it doesnt exist for long but if that doesnt suitya go offer volunterr time wirkin for them for free see how that works out when dinnertime comes and your starving …that really drives me nuts everyone bitchin things should be free the same people wouldnt work for free tho and dont put any thought into things just like to gripe…


And some quests are not available later on, bc someone else in the guild already completed that one.


You do realise that mobile games wouldn’t be so popular, if it wasn’t for microtransactions yes?

Publisher’s wouldn’t be bothered to support developers if it wasn’t for their cash cow bringing in the income to let them take chances on smaller studios

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Claro esa es la idea…pero algunos no lo ven o no lo entienden…asegurate antes de tener los items necesarios para hacerla

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I Know many starving bitchin griping people do you?

You can popularize people paying for stupid virtual items that have 0 value all you want i guess.Its not like the western hemisphere is in short supply today I’m just saying it’s beyond idiotic to me.

Do you speak any English? So i can understand what you are saying.

Ever heard of google translate? Here is a tip: it’s spanish

Btw, everyone decides for themselve if they want to spend on an online game… So what’s your point?


Clearly youll never run or own a successful business for lonng if ever you get anywhere giving your services free should be short lived enough to learn the hard way i guess provided theres enough ambition to get you past a lemonade stand on your parents sidewalk

Why are you starting drama exactly?

Because I’m in drama school and i :dizzy_face:need to practice.

You need to practice

That much is clear.

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So why are you even here or playin the game then ?? Maybe you outta just delete the games app stores and be smart then youve gor it all figured out it seems and joining the idiots as you call knowingly kinda questions your own evalution dontcha think

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