Time to quit this game?

Thank you for ignoring me PerBlue.

I contacted support after not receiving a lot of relevant hero shards when I opened 1000+ chests. Before the last two heroes were introduced I stockpiled chests. When released I opened all.

700 gold chests. 55 finesse chests and 55 focus chests. I only needed tempest, panther and dragoon. Out of these chests I received these three heroes once…

After that Huge disappointment, the next day I bought some extra deals, 120 finesse chests, 120 focus chests. About 35 gold chests and energy besides that.

Out of these chests. I received No panther, 4 dragoon shards and 18 tempest shards. I payed €30 for this.

Being very annoyed by this after hearing from guild mates they received panther 3 times in 20 chests for example, I wrote to support about this.

In this message I referred to the chests being ‘shit’. Because they are!

Perblue’s focus was put completely on this one word. They would not help me because of using vulgar language… Even tho this made me laugh. It’s just completely ridiculous imo.

Since then all messages I send them about this, even tho I’m not using any vulgar language, are just being deleted and I’m being ignored.

I play this game for a year now. S1 vip 9, s2 vip 6, s3 vip 13, s8 vip 4.

I think as a paying customer, even after using a vulgar word…, I should definitely not be ignored.

I’m very much done with this and this makes me want to quit the game.


Okay… So I am trying not to upset people on this forum, as it is actually now seriously getting me black listed in top guilds…


Farewell, Felicia!

Get over yourself already.
Random gold chests are… Hmmm… Random.

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P.s. I hope people understand that’s an elongated but.

Would hate all the focus to be on only the one rude word, especially as I didn’t mean it… :wink:

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I get that you’re frustrated at having shitty luck, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t conduct yourself in a professional manner. I don’t know what the rest of your ticket said (or how accurate your summary of their response is), but from how it sounds they probably didn’t want to talk to someone acting out like a child.


I can send you the ss, this is not the case.

Also this seems to be “my luck” every time new gold chest heroes are released. When tempest and lion were released I received both once out of 1200+ gold chests. There were no faction chests yet.

You aren’t alone…
I stopped buying chest heavy deals in January
They went abysmal
And tbh the new hero’s are crap anyways
Don’t worry about it
Yeah they look fancy and all but unless they 5 star epic they are just as easily killed as a lone wizard :joy::yum:

I wait for them to go to tourney or elites now as technically speaking I get th m for free whilst everyone else pays out their arses for em :joy::joy:


Makes me wonder how the same people have them 5* on the same day or day after every time. Do they spend that much!!?

But yes you’re right, I payed to have them sooner then others. Didn’t work!!! (it should) I’ll just be patient from now on.


Having seen the item inventory of some of the people that had a five star dragoon on the same day…

Yes, they really spend that much.
Gold chests in the thousands.

I would be happy with 1% of their disposable income lol


Dude there’s players that pay £500 just to be first in contest for a skin or a 80 shard haul

Just can’t compete with that kind of whaling :joy::joy:
Perblue will never change the drop rates until they stop spending so damn much

If it makes money you don’t change the product as such :wink:


No need for vulgarity. As a teacher i agree, i dont want to deal with that shit.

The more bored i am with the game the more time i spend here on the forums, hoping to find something to excite me…until i find my next game addiction. Or i code my own.

Btw perblu customer support is tons better than those at King of Avalon.


This game is all about money, and gold chests are ripp off.

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Ugh. How dare you introduce logic and mathematical odds into such a heartfelt argument!

But while we’re on the subject, maybe the odds for getting stuff we actually want could be increased by taking out some of the stuff we don’t? Because it really seems kind of outrageous to have to open so many chests to get a new hero. I’m curious what the odds actually are. Though I’m confident you won’t tell…

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The odds should be shown in the information button in each chest. there should be an “odds” pop up. You can calculate the odds to get a specific hero using that and the number of total heroes in the game.

Ohh! check out this sweet tool I just found!! (I am genuinely excited about this with no sarcasm)


I’m embarrassed to say that I never once noticed that until now. How interesting (not sarcasm)! Now I have to figure out how many heroes are available in gold chests…unless you have that number in front of you?

45! All but the dungeon heroes.

Sign in heroes are also removed from gold chests, I believe. I could be wrong about that…

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Can we put an information button next to o rylehs posts with a percent probability he is wrong​:joy::joy::joy:

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