Time to quit this game?


You could start a betting pool :stuck_out_tongue: I would bet against myself most of the time.


I would wager that getting an actual hero from the golden chest is around or less than 1%

Except for Hermit. Someone messed up a decimal point there.


My probability for getting a Ginger hero is relatively high, lol.

Bad luck for me.


Well … 4 ways to earn that hero… Whoever it is :underage::underage:
Thing is … should be more variety in how we unlock new hero’s …

Easy system plan

One in gold chest…
One in tournament
One in boss mode …

And every so often… As pony was introduced an endless boss to farm :wink:
I have a screenshot some where when pony was first released …
Had boss status but in endless.

Can we have more hero’s appear in there.?


We need another dungeon hero.
And another boss dungeon.


Aaaannnndddd… a pixie hero.
Just saying.


That ss was for feral, August’s sign in hero for s1 which has been available since the I started playing, almost 500 days ago. Why he was available in 4 different locations is beyond me. Take a few heroes out of gold chests so we have a chance to get the gold chest exclusive ones. Especially if they’re available in 3 other locations.


Wish it was 1%, it’s more like 0,1%. Unless it’s an old hero then it’s 10%, got 4 feral brutes in a row from focus chests…


For everyone complaining about chests, two words: confirmation bias


For everyone else not complaining, two words : No Pants