Time to quit this game?


You could start a betting pool :stuck_out_tongue: I would bet against myself most of the time.


I would wager that getting an actual hero from the golden chest is around or less than 1%

Except for Hermit. Someone messed up a decimal point there.


My probability for getting a Ginger hero is relatively high, lol.

Bad luck for me.


Well … 4 ways to earn that hero… Whoever it is :underage::underage:
Thing is … should be more variety in how we unlock new hero’s …

Easy system plan

One in gold chest…
One in tournament
One in boss mode …

And every so often… As pony was introduced an endless boss to farm :wink:
I have a screenshot some where when pony was first released …
Had boss status but in endless.

Can we have more hero’s appear in there.?


We need another dungeon hero.
And another boss dungeon.


Aaaannnndddd… a pixie hero.
Just saying.


That ss was for feral, August’s sign in hero for s1 which has been available since the I started playing, almost 500 days ago. Why he was available in 4 different locations is beyond me. Take a few heroes out of gold chests so we have a chance to get the gold chest exclusive ones. Especially if they’re available in 3 other locations.


Wish it was 1%, it’s more like 0,1%. Unless it’s an old hero then it’s 10%, got 4 feral brutes in a row from focus chests…


For everyone complaining about chests, two words: confirmation bias


For everyone else not complaining, two words : No Pants


For everyone thinking about complaining…

Go create a flock of birds and see what happens…


How does one create a flock of birds, exactly? :thinking:


The answer is yes


Now we just need to know the question


Easily… Throw a bag of chips down on Brighton seafront and the happening occurs :innocent:
Seagulls… Stop it now




Hahahahahahahahahahaahahaa oh my that’s perfect
Love it!!!


Those seagulls don’t seem to be saying mine.

Maybe that’s just my bad lip reading?
It’s certainly not the future…


Just migrated over from DS and am wondering from these comments if I’ll be about for long.


Curious if the current political climat to classify loot boxes and chests as offically gambling will effect things here. I heard since that will place many apps as adult only ( not a biggie for android but hard to get by in ios)