Tips from a disgruntled player

When I started playing this game once leveled a F2P player could expect to level their main meta/defense toons each update. A moderate spender could level all their toons, and a whale could level and have enough in stock for 2 more updates. As these updates have progressed this has fallen further and further behind. Now I hear all the moderators want to know is how to entice people to spend more. Maybe you havent noticed but people are quiting in droves this strategy is running people off and you cant milk a turnip. If you want $$$ I’d suggest you stop the bleeding before you try to bill the patient.

  1. Spenders want to have reserves offer up some special stam deals for us to catch up. Most of us have 1 foot out the door and dont care to spent another cent here. MAKE THEM 24HR DEALS! If people miss out that will only make things worse!
  2. Give some actual appreciation for VIP I’ve dumped a lot of money into this game, sadly, but I dont feel my past spending is appreciated at all.
  3. Promise to slow the updates down. Half the current rate or better.
  4. Fix glitches in the last update before spitting out new content.
  5. Focus on making $$ more of a status thing or “easier” and less influential on the competative portion of this game. Competition keeps the game alive and you’re not going to make any money if/when this game dies.
  6. You could make $$ items for dungeon raids, epic, epic epic raids. So F2P players can still reach the same levels through a grind while whales can pay to get the same resources with less time spent for $$.
  7. Create a new dungeon with hero shards, stam packs, exp, etc that F2P players can grind and stay competative increasing the amount of competative members of this game.
    Increase the diamond crit drop rate and keep it consistent! Some weekends I can find crits easily others I’ll run hours without a single crit. Maybe its luck but to me it feels more like people in the know are informed when crits are increased/reduced and those if us not in the know just have to get lucky.
  8. Add a Keep Debuff to war. Since the timer thing was a bad idea and removed from keep it’s become more ir less worthless. Honestly every tower should have a buff we should NOT expect to clear a map. Make slow and steady a strategy so members from every timezone (happy people spend more $$) get a chance to play!

I agree… once was able to keep up just having a tiny bit in reserves. Now I struggle to keep anything of need in reserve…

I’d suggest lowering stamina deals to half…
And cost to half. But offering double the amount of cap… so. To 6 instead of 3.

It all works out the same overall. But means deals are more accessible to everyone.

Currently s8 I believe it’s 500 diamonds for 175 stamina. X3 times.
Why not offer
250 diamonds for 90 stamina at x6 times?

Heck even 125 diamonds for 45 stamina at x12 times…


I’ve never had any issues keeping up as a F2P player.

Just concentrate on the better heros and plan on getting a new one at least half the time while dropping an older hero. I know it sucks dropping a hero you’ve put so many resources into but that’s how you keep up. There are a bunch at least that will never be useless like punk ember lion Merc , maiden, noob, wander, serpent, pony, monk etc that you’ll never have to drop.

There will come a point for you when there are so many heros, you will have it easy being a F2P since they have been giving just enough stamina packs to keep you relevant.

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I feel like this much of this might be server specific?
My FTPs on S1 aren’t having trouble keeping core teams relevant but newer servers are getting updates much faster so I’d wager its much harder for FTP on those servers.
However, since the point is to catch them up, an update slow down isn’t going to happen.

Some of the other ideas here are interesting though. Particularly the Keep Debuff and more items available in dungeon.


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