Toon level text is still impossible to see

Hey PB,
I just found a post from January 18 where alot of people have mentioned that they are not able to see the hero lvl text! I have been mentioning it here and there for the past months, and I even got a reply once, to keep an eye on the next patch… But today, the hero level text in war, arena, Tournament etc. is still TOO SMALL!! I CAN NOT SEE THEIR LEVELS, BECAUSE ITS TOO SMALL!!
Is this fix really so complicated?

I thought you said that you still have people working on this game?
Why are you still ignoring your community?
This game has so much potential, but nothing happens!
A tree with free login rewards is just disappointing.
I remember cheering when you guys descided to balance Skull Buster and a few other toons, and here I am, still waiting for the next balance patch,the next tournament update, the next war improvement, the next new Dungeon boss…

It’s almost as if they’ve given up and moved on to the next game (s)…

Oh… Wait…

Never mind.

Yeah, okay @Golden_Princess you win.
We never leave.

I am trying my darnedest though, hun

drops mic

The only changes now will be more Whaley cosmetic chests and items, and cap raise cycles…

Did someone say Whaley?

Dear @Ambianx

That was a month ago
It took me waving my arms in the air to get a dev to say anything at all

They said this…

“The game’s in a good state and we’re not looking to make any dramatic changes”

Save your breath.

This wall of silence between the Devs and the players isn’t an accidental disconnection.