Torch Contest FAQ


Q. I purchased Torches before the start of the Contest/in excess of the 45 daily max - where did they go?
A. All of your Torches are credited to your account, but only the first 45 (per day) are shown in the Contest Scoring screen. The rest will show up when you unlock Dungeon, as a resource.

Q. When does the Contest reset?
9 AM CST. You can see the reset timer in the Scoring screen:

Q. Do extra Torches I gain today count towards tomorrow’s daily max?
No; only Torches gained after the daily reset.

Q. I have the same number of points as everyone above me, but I am ranked lower. What gives?
The Contest rankings refresh at midnight CST. Only the top 200 people are listed in 1st place right now, so it isn’t a bug that you are displaying at a lower rank. When there are many players with the same score, they are sorted by player ID number.

The rankings for this Contest will look funny at first, but what really counts is the Tier you fall into. We’ll do some sanity checking as the Contest ends and make sure that every player with the same score receives the same rewards! For each grouping,

Q. My Daily Done/Max counter has not reset, but the reset timer has. What is wrong?
The Daily Done/Max counter will reset once you have collected your first Torch(es) of the day after the reset.


What exactly are torches used for? How important are they? I always see them in the shop at exchange rate 1:60,000 gold, is that worth it to purchase them?


Torches are used to light your way through the Dungeon - you can’t progress in the dark!

There will be a more detailed guide to Dungeon tomorrow.


Torches are ancient tools used to bring light to dark places :slight_smile:
Hahah <3


Id say worth to get 45 torches a day. Not worth if u already reached or about to reach 45 limit.

Why? It appears as if torches drops approximately once every third campaign no matter stamina cost of the campaign.

So 18 stamina spent vs 60k gold. I dont know. Id pref a slower torch farm rate.

Im only spending mills of gold atm to contest ^.^

And the 5 star reward seems to be a perma unlock of the dungeon. Not sure what that is worth in gems. But i ASSUME that the dungeon is a random find just like dragon shop :slight_smile: so why not have it unlocked for “free”


I’m pretty sure dungeon is a game mode accessible all the time, the 5* reward is just to unlock it before it officially releases to the public.


You need the extra torches. Without them your heroes will die


It would be interesting how many of those torches are needed. I stacked up nearly 500 torches alread while not being sure how many I really need. ^^