Total guilds on a server

Am curious is there a way to see every guild on a server? I know this sounds crazy but in New war system, i am not seeing a lot of other guilds. More like 2 or 3 dozen in our group. I am wanting to know how many actove guilds really exsist on a server and are there more groups of war then the one my guild is involved in. Find it hard not many upper strong guilds are anywhere on the tier on war we are in.

Active is a loose term

I know of a single player guild that’s been going for a long time and the occupant will never move from there but kicks ass around pq in most areas where they can

Then on the other hand I know of whole 40 player guilds that have been inactive well over 100 days

If active for war is what you are looking for then I’d assume any who have had a war would be there… Any who haven’t won’t show up

This is a dying game. Not much left.

Save your money

Have you looked in the Ranking feature Demi? Might help, though you would need to research it some if you’re only looking at your guild and it’s tier. Your own War logs might help with that. But Cotton is dead on about even upper guilds carrying many inactive members.

I know i have looked and i have seen a lot of 1 person and 10 person guild that never got anywhere. What i am curious about is our guild is not a top guild but we are getting members. Currently 32 our of 40. Seems since we were attacked by someone who tried to destroy our guild several have joined us.

What i am wondering is i know there are say top 10 guilds on our server, but we only see 1 or 2 on the war grouping. Just wondered is there more then one war group on each server to devide everyone up more

The war matchups are grouped by tier, and there are 8 tiers, from tier 7 all the way up to challenger. So 8 pages of that with some overlap where a guild from one tier is facing another of a different tier. Then you have guilds who might not queue every day - even top guilds sometimes do that.

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