Tournament - Challanger league - what happened?

Question: Am I the only one who thinks that the current Tournament challanger leage is a little wasted?.. Since ‘Chapter War’ is almost completed… maybe its time now ‘Chapter Tournament’?
Don’t get me wrong, I think War has gone through an impressive makeover! Job really well done there PerBlue, thank you!

So on to the future :slight_smile:
In the 'Tournament Challanger League" there are approx 350 people competing for victory… for only a few avarage rewards, and that’s basically it…
We have now had the same winner for several weeks in a row… but noone seems to care as diamonds are much better spend elsewhere, and considering he maybe gets 3 or so more diamonds than number 50 (this is not fact, but example to make my point), I can understand the slack.

However, the road to get to the Tournament Challanger Leage was alot of fun! About 15-20 teams - 3 days or so - only 1 winner - he promotes and gets a nice price! Plain and simple, but also challanging to face other handmade teams, learning by getting your *ss kicked, or just to experiment with new combo’s.
I was soooo (yes really) exited when I finally, after months of constant battle, got to challenger, only to find out, that there are approx 350 others stranded there, at the Tournament party with no music, no dance floor, no sweating for victory… and now 4 weeks later, it feels the same bitter and cold in there, so I had to come here and write this…

To finish this wall of text:

  • It would be awesome, if you guys at PerBlue would make the tournament worth it again! Not only in high speed, but with finesse, talent and clever combinations :slight_smile:
  • In general, sometimes I miss ways to battle/use my toons that I have spent so much time on, studying, comparing, gemming, gearing, speccing, etc etc.

Thanks for reading!

Just scroll down a bit, and hit the harder lines?

Thats not my point, it’s not a ‘just do this’ kinda feedback :slight_smile:

I quite like clicking on tournament and getting my daily reward in less than a minute.

I agree that if the rewards were significantly better , I might try harder to get ranked.

But I like not having to try.


Give the winner of tourney a guaranteed cosmetic chest, that way the people wasting diamonds to top it have some kind of satisfaction, and everyone else keeps their freefarm tokens


Could you please add more levels to both the tournament and the arena? As so eloquently stated here once you reach the challenger level of both the arena and tournament the game gets boring.

Do not change tournaments retirement castle please

We did all the trying to get there… We don’t want to work after the fact :rofl:

Would be like climbing Mount everest only to find there was another taller mountain just beyond it…

I ain’t climbing another one


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