Tournament rewards


So is there a formula that I actually have to “score” points in tourney to get my rewards? I’m in top tourney and it was not full so neither demotion or promotion, therefore I farmed tokens for guild mates in my tourney but did not “score” points only did dailies.

Tourney is a waste of time and not going to waste time trying to win a tourney that I don’t promote in, my guild mates said they got their tokens. Thanks again for another non satisfactory experience that are all too common these days. Guess I’ll have to just aim through battles next tourney.


1 battle to completion on fast forward takes all of 30 seconds. What are you complaining about? Make 1 attack, score a few points, and take your tokens. Eventually you’ll have more competitors in the top tourney to actually worry about trying and taking up your time.


To get your rewards you need at least 1 point. Always get some points before farming with guildmates.