Tourny crashing all day

I’m wondering if anyone is experiencing the game crashing while in Tourny play. All day today I have not been able to complete full tourny fights because half way through the 1st of 3 matches the game crashes. Which naturally takes my c by acne away to fight the rest of the fight and all progress is lost. It’s very disturbing especially when your trying to hold the # 1 spot.
Help please, thx !

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A mi tambien me pasa,y tambien e reiniciado con diamantes las peleas y tampoco… e perdido los diamantes,puntos y los turnos de pelea por supuesto

That is a PESKY problem to hold #1 spot.
Especially as you’re EQUIPPED to challenge the world.
All for the PRESTIGE of saying you’re the best.
With your shiny HEROES.

If only we could work out what the problem was.
Then per blue could fix it, before the issue spreads.

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All day yesterday I experienced this problem. I changed my hero’s around and even attacked different people only to freeze after second wave. I have experience more kick out in the last few days than normal. I have sent in two tickets, which have not been answered. I go to war, but not before closing app and clearing all screens. I do this every fight. I have an iPad and have talked with others who have androids and not experiencing the same . Go figure, but I believe if you have a game it should play well for all devices! Go luck!

Are they attacking the same lines…?

I play on iPad as well but have no crashing issues so I don’t think it’s just the device. Perhaps how your specific model/os combo interacts with the PQ servers but doubtful as simple as just one of those variables.

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Does it crash every time you fight anyone…

Just every time you fight certain people?
Like there’s something about those heroes that’s different, but you can’t put your finger on it …?

This should be fixed in the 3.7 update next week.


Thank you for responding. I have learned that if you don’t expect anything then you want set yourself up for disappointment. Again, thank you for letting me know that the game developers are aware of this problem.

No,different lines.
The game in general is crashing all over for me. I loose in war, arena and other areas before I even get to attack, my screen goes blank or freezes. I have plenty of memory and just don’t think it is just me.

I have changed hero’s and all, still crash or freeze.

Has anyone tried turning off fast forward speed?
That always fixed those tourney bugs for me whenever i had them

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