Tower skins how to change?

I’m sure I read in past update about being able to change tower looks using perks.
Our enemies always tend to look different but I can’t seem to fine where to unlock skins…
I’ve searched everywhere.

Anyone able to help?


Everywhere? :joy:

Gotta go to your perks &

There it is :wink:

I think a case of server requirements? Have all perks maxed… and 6 mill influence

Don’t seem to have showing to me what you have

Same area in perks but no.option.

Must be available to certain servers only.i see your screen shot has higher perks…
But doesn’t explain why our enemies on same server have different skins

Maybe this option is only available with the new war system, since there isn’t much to use influence on :smirk:

I believe the different looks in war depend on the capacity of the towers :thinking:

Don’t think s8 is on new war system.
All I know is were max on all perks and max influence and nothing to really spend on lol.
Shops always full

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