Trails gear drops


Can we look into increasing the number of useful items dropped from trials.

Just flee now gives most players scraps of one useful item that to be honest most players do not require anymore.
I’d like to see

Waterskin bag
Shell o gamrah

As the items on the trials

I play competitive on servers 1-3 and with epic gear now on s1 a change needs to occur.
We still recieve p3 gear when in reality should be recieving p4 and orange for s1
P4 gear will need to drop for s2 soon enough once that update arrives


Agreed. And merely adding a new difficulty with better gear won’t do, I think all gear items you can earn could use a shuffle.


I wrote a post about this when p4 gear dropped on s1 and slingshots became more valuable than anything. I didn’t even get a response back. So I don’t think it will happen.

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Well the more voices heard the better for all
Make it known all over this is what we desire they will listen if enough petition for it

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Eventually, yes they will! :slight_smile: