Transfer from iOS to Android and war glitches/buggy?


I need my account transferd from my iPhone to my Android, i already e-maild information.

And i couldnt attack in war, but i did lose my war points and my best team.


Did you crash in war, because you don’t randomly lose it

Link your account to Facebook or mail and then sign-in Android with FB or mail


No i did not lol, and i tried the Facebook thingy didnt work


Then (with all due respect and apologies in advance) you did it wrong.

It’s surprisingly straightforward to transfer accounts between peop… Devices.
Devices , not people. No. That would be bad.

I mean “couples that share Facebook accounts would inevitably end up with pq accounts on each others devices” , that’s how easy it is … :wink:

Wait, this is ember not Sparta.
The point still stands though :slight_smile:


I connected my account through Facebook, if i try to get it back on my Android device by clicking lost account and then connect Facebook it connects the lvl 1 account thats on my new Android phone. And no its not a shared Facebook. And no im not selling my account, This old iPhone 6 storage keeps getting full without downloading shit and turns off randomly. Would be kinda stupid to sell my account while i keep buying ingame packs.


You could make a fake Facebook account on your iPhone and backup PQ to that .
Then account recovery that one on Android device.

Fair warning…
This was so much easier before Facebook brought out that effing Facebook app manager hidden app that sits behind its install :frowning:


Did you try to check if you had more accounts?

You can have more accounts on one device, so curious if you actually knew that, thus why you thought the lvl 1 account is your only one

Just trying to help in everyway weird way


I Will try that now, but the problem seems to be that starting the PQ app on a new device will start you off with an intro and a new account. Maybe a ‘existing player’ button would help to prevent This kind op problems. Well i will keep you updated if this solves the problem


You can easily switch accounts while in tutorial
The tutorial doesn’t stop you.


There’s a great big skip tutorial button in the top right too…


When I got my new phone, I skipped tutorial, linked Google and eminence Gideon (my new level 1) just vanished as the other three micis came back…