Trial events (triple or always a better suggestion quad drops)

I know that, like most everything in the game, special events, Special deal offers, and the like are “server health” dependent. But, XP resources always seem to be an issue for those of us who aren’t “whales” and work hard at managing resources to maintain an ability to be competitive (top 5 War guild status). Maybe offering these trial quad drop events on a rotational schedule (say every 3-4 weeks) would offer the players an opportunity to gain XP resources at a rate that allows a bit more leeway to be able to keep our top 30-35 toons in battle ready shape.

Or, possibly creating an item that allows us to have a +300% or +400% drop rate in all trial modes for us to use similar to the Crusade Gold or XP % drop increase item. You could even offer this item in the deal packages or the Contest rewards to allow us to be able to have a few of these items on hand (similar to the Double Team XP and the Lucky Charm items) to allow for you to have the bigger time gap separation of the Trial Events.


Spent close to 5 billion xp on this cap raise. Without another quad trials event before the next one I’m doomed.

With that being said, I do spend money from time to time, but it’s not enough.

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Pb should create an exchange for hero essence for gold and xp.

Or increase the guild shop limits so people can actually buy/trade for xp in the millions every day. And make hero essence available to donate.


That, or the useless items we have and no longer use. Raid tickets, perhaps?

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