Trials QUAD drops

Opening up all Trials and Tower modes is like putting a bandaid on Cancer. XP is in serious short supply compared to how much is needed to bridge the gap of F2P, moderate spenders, and whales. We need a serious revamp of dungeon XP drops and need Quad Trials drops Events more frequent. Portal Lords events rewards only shining star is the Trials resets anymore. And we wait (very un)patiently until we can use them on Quad Trials events. The XP cost of fully leveling up and fully dual honoring “useful” new toons and dual honoring prior War capable toons is driving your fan base to “take a serious step back” from even thinking about playing at competitive levels and SPENDING at a level that will allow all of us (to continue to play and be close enough to be competitive) to feel like our needs are being met.


Open all trials and tower modes but no quad drops…

…Im so dead :rofl:

Pesky PB

@Polaris you forgot to switch on the quad towers and trials, hun

Have a word :slight_smile:

(Okay, I’m guessing the trials are open all week but the x4 will be switched on just for the weekend?)

Well it’s not the first time all trials are open without quad drops (or even double/triple drops), and it certainly won’t be the last.

Is it a bummer? Yes. But part of the reason why XP is in short supply for some people is that they choose to max both honours for all their useful heroes, or even max all the essences for one honour. Let’s be honest, aside from starting energy (for which you can get the max of +2 at red 12), the rest of the boosts (attack, health, aspect % damage, etc.) are pretty insignificant. A lot of the essences just have to be high enough rank to be equippable - it’ll save a ton more XP than making all essences the highest rank.

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Have to disagree, I do neither the dual honour or maxin all single honours , an can not get by on s1 at this point for even metas n defences take more than have got in reserve. There are many others in similar positions too. Thinkin of the s10 players that merged n never got true help either (I’m not 1 of them thankfully as consolidated) but they will now most likely never fully catch up

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I agree with GP. I haven’t spent a single dime on this game. I keep a standing army of about 50-60 heroes. It’s doable. So long as you take full advantage of the few quad trials events and only level and gear during contests you can scrape a living

The only real incentive to keep all the heroes is so you look good and potentially for fortress, most of the time they never get used…

And one of Specs’ accounts has close to 200 unused trial resets :stuck_out_tongue: which is about 17 billion XP he can get during the next quad trials event

Lucky me :grin:


Don’t say anything, and people might not notice…