Trials rewards magic honour

another item not thought through


You get gold and exp drops each day with the embershard.

The other ones you get gold drops one day and exp drops the other day. Except on Sunday (but you are still only getting exp from one and gold from the other)

If you add up the gold and exp from the embershard drops from the two trials, it’s more than the separate drops of gold and exp from the separate trial drops at lower difficulties.

And that’s if you are really unlucky and only get one shard per trial. Every time you get two, you’re ahead of the game.
Gold drops in trials were hot garbage.

13 - 15 nuggets at 20,000 per nugget…

I’ll take the embershard. Thank you!!!

To be faiiiir @Polaris I’d love these difficulty levels added to the towers and other trials too, and increased drops added there as well.

This incremental grind is killing us.

Get the art “department” to do it, given they had a slow month on item assets…

So when x4 trials you will get less than 10m xp instead of 17m xp
Another one who cannot think it through…

And that’s if your lucky

Gsus brain dead or what embersards are not needed in magic trial honour WE NEED XP
Try putting your brain in gear before you speak

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So run the lower difficulty magical trial and the higher difficulty physical trial and enjoy the extra xp that we never got from those trials.

Think it through yourself

We never got any experience from that set of trials. As shown by my screen shot.
Now instead of five trials that drop exp and five that drop gold, there are ten trials that drop exp and gold together.

That adds up to more in total.
But yes.
To min max exp, run just flee now in one and test of faith in the other, if you don’t need gold.

Stop calling me names, and I’d have already told you this.

I want most rewards, so I’ll be running highest level of both, and hoping for double embershard drops , and still averaging close enough.

My god do I have to put this in Lehman’s terms
Minimum x 5 9.65 m max 19.63m
Old minimum x 5 18.5 max 22.5
This for magical trial honour not physical please learn to read


I get that, but they have boosted the rewards of both.

They don’t exist in a vacuum.

They have rebalanced the trial rewards.

If you can’t get that, that’s your problem.

Also… laymans


Yes. Per blue should increase the amount of embershard rewards.

They are too low.
I agree with you @SAS_general

The rewards are too small.
I never said they weren’t.

Magical trial drop on the bottom should be to 2/3 drop or just go back to the older set up gold is not the importance xp is running just flee now is the right option
Physical trial drop should be at max if possible

Thank you finally…

No you won’t

This is why per blue never changes anything lol.

Enjoy your echo chamber
I honestly don’t care enough.

Yes, there is less experience in total in this trial drop.
I understand that point perfectly.
Always have

I guess per blue thought by spreading the Rewards across the two trials, it would be okay.

No one is complaining about the other trials because it’s a massive step up
Yey other trials.
Keep that up

But oh dear. The fact that we are getting much more than we ever did there, and will be ahead in the big picture, that means nothing because oh dear, we are down a bit in this one area.


Thanks for trying per blue.
You tried, but you failed.
The lesson here, is never try.

Mici out.

When we get trial x4 drops will you be just flee now or test of faith??
In magical trials drop??

Depends if per blue have changed anything.
And what I need that day.

Right now i need experience more than tokens and shards, so yes if they haven’t updated I’ll run just flee now on magical and test of faith on the physical, if they don’t update it before then.

But I said that people looking to min max exp would have to do that, many posts ago…

You will still get more gold and tokens and epic shards if you run the highest level.

Yes per blue should nudge the rewards up
But their argument will be that the total exp and gold across both trials is more (and technically they are right!)

You’ve contradicted yourself…

I worked out that it would be easier to reroll the honour shop for the epic shards I needed, rather than take the lottery chances on getting the extra couple of shards in the extra level of the magical trial.

I’m still running my physical trials at max level, so getting max shards and tokens there.
On reflection I’d rather take the hit on the tokens for the min max experience, yes

Honestly though, I’d like per blue to make it 2-3 embershards, please :slight_smile:
Then that resolves the issue, and this entire thread.
You and I can go back to ignoring each other.

The most annoying part is that we have both always been saying that the total experience in magical trials is less at the highest level

I have just been arguing that per blue rejigged the rewards for the trials as a set.
The total rewards of experience and gold across the set of trials is better.

Yes it’s bizarre that to get the most experience out, we will have to do this odd thing if they don’t fix it on Wednesday / Thursday , before next weekends quad trials drop

But during this week, until the quad trials I will be running both trials at the highest level.
During quad trial if not fixed I’ll drop to just flee now.

I hope this clears up any confusion regarding any possible contradictory statements you feel I made, and clarifies my stance.

Good day.
Mici out.
Hopefully :wink:

I dont see what the problem is, you can run the previous difficulty any day. The old min and max are still available today, and when you fight that difficulty it saves your choice automatically.

Then again, I also don’t have issue with xp, you can even buy it in the gem shop, 33 million for 300 gems

33 million for 300 gems?

Oh you poor deluded fool.

I don’t think I have enough for this week’s cap raise…