Trick or Treat ?! Golden Poo Stamp was a lame TRICK


Guys. Seriously. . . That Golden Poo stunt was really foul. I’m trying really hard not to be irritated, but the more I think about it, the angrier I get. How greedy can you get?!


The stamp should be taken back.


I think it’s hilarious! Who the heck would buy a spray painted poo stamp?!

Quite the treat for those of us that know better! :wink::joy::joy:


It was quite… dirty…



Per blue polished a turd.
Charged 10,000 diamonds for it.
People bought it.

I am thinking that it isn’t per blue that is the problem here…


Uninstall the game, wait for a refund. one of the possible options to act.


With the header Trick or Treat, I somehow convinced myself that the treat would be some bonus loot, chests, Stam packs, other consumables. I’m as irritated with myself as I am with PB.


The poop was golden and shiny, who wouldn’t buy it, if they had 10k diamonds