Trivia Competition Winners

The results are in! Not a single entry had every answer correct. We selected the winners from the group with the most correct answers. The winners of the PQ trivia competition are Michael, HempRise, and Little Doris. Congratulations!

Here are the correct answers:

Question 1. What is the name of the portrait border color you receive for reaching Floor 40 in Epic Dungeon for the first time?
Minotaur Magenta

Question 2. Portal Quest has a lot of Golden Cosmetics, but which was the first we made available in the game?
Golden Red Dot Chat Stamp

Question 3. Which Hero is Tenacious?
Storm Wizard

Question 4. Before it became a feather, what was the original symbol for the Finesse aspect?
A person running

Question 5. How many Portal Lords Overlords are there?

Question 6. The Identify Elixir identifies how many consecutive Wells?

Question 7. Which one is spelled correctly?
O’Rlyeh’s Boop Stake

Question 8. What Team Level is required to unlock the Honor Trials once you get a Red Hero?

Question 9. In Guild War, the second tiebreaker is based on what?
The Guild that finishes the last successful fight first

Question 10. Which patch introduced the Endless Dungeon?
PQ 1.5

Question 11. Which Heroes have Prestige items on Servers 1 and 8?
Pesky Pixie, Forgotten Champion, Ancient Siren, Mystic Punk, Lion Knight, and Panther Stalker.

Question 12. This Hero carries a crossbow on his back.