Tweaking game modes


Let’s begin with towers and trials

Tower modes haven’t been reworked for a while.
The xp given doesn’t cover a level up anymore on any hero other then a new one getting to a low level.
Needs to be reworked to feed players appropriately with a decent amount of xp
Tower nuggets really need adamantite nuggets adding to provide a percentage of gold that is sustainable toward hero leveling

Trials hasn’t been upgraded in a long time. We are on red 4 gear rarity… Yet we have no red gear dropping. Can I ask why is that?
You’d think we could at least farm some useful items from there

Gold the way in which we can farm gold has become quite the obstacle to leveling and gearing heros. For example… War gold per attack is still at a threshold that would benefit a level 30 player… That needs fixing
Fortress gold as handy as it is… 1 million per fight doesn’t cover the cost of red gear items crafting.
Gold from campaigns 8000 is the max per raid you can get on the latest campaign stages if you are using the 5% gold border. That’s not high enough as it requires many thousands of stamina packs to farm enough to do what’s required. Players just simply don’t have the reserve resources to do this often.
Dungeon nuggets we really need adamantite nuggets dropping in either endless or epic dungeon (depending on how you’d deem that feasible) 200,000 gold per nugget dropped might actually help a lot of players do well. Would be able to encourage more time in dungeon too with those.
Tournament gold 1st rank in challenger group gets 794,585 gold for a 3 day event… This isnt sustainable. Per fight is upto 100,000+ if perfect score obtained.
That’s not really productive enough

Gold is the most needed resource in portal quest to farm. And as of now it’s way behind the current cap in terms of ease.

Would like to see more of it available to all players please

Trials tower needs that rework desperately too


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…
we need gold
So much to level, but no gold available & I don’t want to waste all of my stamina on this :tired_face:


Good stuff