Twin Tracker Skill Disabled

Due to the error they are causing in Guild War, we are deactivating the white skill for Twin Trackers (meaning they won’t be able to swap in and out of combat). Once the issue with the skill is fixed we will restore their full abilities. Today is a spar day, so be sure to change your defensive lineups for the next war as needed.


Pesky two in one heroes

fetches popcorn

I’ve had no issue with it. Any team with twin I lost because I didnt assemble a good enough team or miscued on my manualing or I won

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I’ve killed twin many times and they stayed dead, they’re a weird hero that’s having an issue not everyone is seeing. It’s not uncommon for a company to disable an entire hero or the part of it that’s causing an issue until a fix can be placed. Not sure if you all play League but they’ve done similar things when one of their heroes is buggy.

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Knock all the OPs and nuisance toons down and doing this will make sense

Make hex great again!

Make void great again!

Make Mo great…



Hex yes Mici! But push that gandalf clone Storm off the nearest bridge of dum…while he’s clutching Noob :wink::rofl:

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So any update on the twin issue.

Why, yes there is!

Fixed an interaction with the Twin Trackers in War that caused battles to not be recorded correctly

  • Their White Skill will be re-enabled with this release