Two Servers Reborn: Vote For Your New Server Name!


Servers 4 and 5 are merging together and will be reborn as one! Vote now to decide the name of your new Server, and if there’s another name you feel passionate about feel free to comment as well!


As long as it’s called server 4.5 I don’t mind :wink:

Also… those names? Not a fan


Call it
Dis mantle
Cause that’s what you are systematically doing to freeplay chances of getting anywhere

More help to freeplay!!!

And the fact you use a broken heros epic gear as a name is just ludicrous
Is that intentionally done cause we know the merge will also be riddled with bugs :joy::joy:

Hawknet vote shouldn’t be allowed either
Can’t vote for your own ideas
Players only on a server name
Tsk tsk


It should be a combination of current server names.

Forbidden Ring of Fruit on Fire


When servers 1 and 2 merge can we call it Pay2Win? :slight_smile:


Why not just call it server 4, and then call server 6 the new server 5, and the old server 7 can be called server 6 and so on… you know… like counting.
Or if you fancy, just call it server 4 and then skip 5. There’s no law requiring numerical order.


I hate both. I vote for: Newton’s Craddle. Something that should be smart and clever but is just a dumb toy that goes on forever with no actual purpose. Or does that just hit home too hard?


A newton’s cradle is way too cheap and just a one off purchase, so no not that close to home.


So twenty three days ago I suggest "Shut up and give us your money?"
As a server name.

Today it got flagged as inappropriate.
Just lol.

Erm… the merge already happened people :slight_smile:


Neither. What’s wrong with the numbers? Keep it simple. Creativity in not this game’s forte. Lot’s of thing’s have dumb names. Don’t mess with the servers.


All servers have a name and a number. For simplicity, I do hope its number is Four, lol.

Connect Four is my suggestion. Would that even be allowed?


Yeah it should still be server 4 I agree, or 4.5, but this name is actually a different name. Server 5 was named Ring of Fire but still server 5. See what I am trying to point out? Thats why we are picking the 2ndary title that will be beside… 4/4.5 or whatever they do…


Should be a mix of S4 and S5 name to honour the beginnings. How about… ‘Forbidden Fruits’


The Flaming Dingleberries


United blade sounds awesome!


I have to agree I am not a fan of either. How about in the spirit of forbidden fruit and ring of fire what if we called it highway to hell. Or if that is not pg enough call it paradise lost. Just a thought.


How about no merge now there a name


Forbidden fruit makes Me think of garden of Eden.
Ring of fire, apart from Johnny cash, makes me think of eternal punishments.

Heaven and hell, If it wasn’t for the pesky censors not liking that word.
(Having said that, there’s a level called a bit moist, yet per blue don’t like moist usernames)

I guess “the divine comedy” would cover it the best? :slight_smile:


Oooh, I like both Forbidden Fruits and Heaven and Hell.


How about “Phoenix Rising”