Two Servers Reborn: Vote For Your New Server Name!


I think a good name for the server merge is United Together


Not a fan of the two names to vote on. I could roll with numbers.


Okay, be honest, how many went with #1 because of… :kissing_heart:


How about ‘The twin towers’


20180825_162119 My Vote


Call it what you want. S5 are still going to be severely under compensated. Where’s our 60 days worth of crusade, war, arena, fortress and tournament tokens.

Where the justice for the 1 server guys especially the F2P players.

It’s an whole new server so any and all chat silenced players should be allowed to chat again.


Chat silenced players that have not had the chat silence lifted by mediation?

Yeah. They should stay silenced.
There was a reason.

Given your guild is stronger than the top s4 guilds, I’m not sure I see the problem with s5 vs s4?


Justice for one server, f2p guys?

What justice do you want?
They aren’t losing anything.

People with two accounts aren’t gaining anything.
They put two lots of time and money into a game
They can choose to run them side by side, or squish them together as they weren’t planning on being on the same server.

It would be injustice to not have let them merge.
It would have been a waste of their time and money they’ve already spent.


The amount of manure you are spreading in this forum, I thought you already were


If you played the game 60 days earlier you would’ve been in server 4. This merge makes it so it’s exactly like you started on server 4 60 days later. And with your attitude, I doubt anyone is really gonna take you seriously, no matter the points being brought forward.


While I agree his crude remarks make his comment seem invalid, I do think you need to understand that if players in server 5 wanted to join server 4 60 days late we would have done so. We had that option when we joined the game could of joined any server for that matter, but we chose to start on server 5 so we would not be 60 days behind. Yet now perblue is making it so we in fact ARE 60 days behind. As a spender and hoarder on s5 this will not impact me particularly but I do see the point that certain players are impacted especially the low spender/ ftp that already had trouble being competitive. now those players will be competing from behind under no choice of their own.


The other option was leave the servers as they are, until they were so empty that no one would have fun playing.
Even the biggest spenders need competition to play against.
Us low spenders are used to being outclassed and outlevelled and underpowered.

whether we are looking up at the top guilds in s4 or s5, or the new merged one, we are always playing catch up lol


If you merge people moan about being behind, if you don’t merge they moan about the servers dying. God, this community is something else.


don’t get me wrong, I am not against a merge… just think perblue should of considered more than they did when doing so…


I agree that there should have been a discussion period, at least in the leader discord, if not here, about what our main concerns about the merge would be.


Something needed to be done, when that is your top ten.

Compare it to this one…

I know which one looks healthier.


See now it’s much better to have a conversation when you put it that way. I agree that merging can put one server behind another. Personally, if they merged s2 to S1 I wouldn’t be requesting compensation, I think 50 days when you’ve played 400+ days isn’t that much. But to be fair, idk about s5 and how long it’s been around. It’s very difficult to give the right amount of compensation, if any.


At least 225 days

Compared to around 280.

So… 225/280 x 100…

Server five is 80% as old as server four
If you are demanding compensation, it’s 55 days, not 60.

Just saying :wink:


Two quick disclaimers.

  1. I might not have started in day one.
    If I’m slightly wrong, can I just say “pfft” to your snarky reply now, to save time later?

  2. These are my chilled servers.
    I’m VIP 4 / 5 on most accounts.


No let’s not confused the issue and get server 7 involved. No reason for that. .
You can call the server 4-5 merging together InstantKill because anytime you merge two servers together you instantly kill the idea for wanting to play the game . might as well go to another server and start all over or quit. I played wartune and they did that I had 25 million battle ratings I quit the game after 5 years.


How about Lost Bank Account? Because Per Blue gets ALL my money