Typical start of season issues

start of yet another season. yet the same old unaddressed issues. if it’s not war starting early, it’s guilds not bein reset to tier 7. crown reset that never happened. so on… would think 34 seasons now complete these issues would be long gone

Déjà vu, all over again… :wink:

Posted a similar complaint in feedback. Very frustrating and sadly I didn’t anticipate this because I assumed it was fixed after they messed it up last season.



Yep. Exactly.

When does Per Blue ever “fix” anything?

Wombeaux combo was fixed by pb

Eventually :wink:

Tbh i loved that glitch cause it meant my own twins couldnt die making them useful for causing dungeon timeouts easily thus making it all a lot faster down there if you know why that is :joy:

I blame Bob

no no no that is not it

What’s a dungeon time out?

Cain Five

You guys and girl complain a lot.

This game has minimal issues & the rare occasion they do, they give us free crap to show they appreciate us.

When was the last time someone gave any of you free crap? That’s like giving a piece of you. Very intimate.

Does it still work, by the way cotton?

It’s been so long since I went into the dungeon.
With one hero alive, or them all… :wink:


Yeah it works … i did 200 floors earlier while watching an episode of a show :wink:
would break dungeon completely if was removed cause youd have to redesign 3 enemies … delete the end of fights graphic … and probably reset everyones runs by doing so
Risky developer actions that would result in thousands of lost hours for numerous players

OHLH is a erm… sleight of hand trick to speed up dungeon

Last time they gave us “free crap” half of 2 servers quit… so they must not be very good at it. :joy:

Their revenue shows all.

Not bad for a four year old game…
Obviously android master race here :wink:

The fact that people still spend 20k collectively on the game 4 years on says something…


Not sure if that’s just Apple numbers as well…

  Why change a broke thing to make it more broke, just enjoy it in it's current state of brokeness 😆
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