Unable to connect?


I am unable to connect to portal quest since last night.
Even though my announcement said it was unable to connect to portal quest it still did download and install a 151 mB update?
I am on server 9, has maintenance on that server begun early? Maintenance wasn’t scheduled for another 48 hours?


All servers are down for the 3.1 update


Yes this update will take awhile and more space on phone. I had to free up memory in my phone line app takes so much and only have 8 GB on phone so had to delete my line app for more space just to update my game. This sucks , time to get new phone.


How long will this last? It’s been 3 hours already and i did the update, but still won’t open


Not sure, it’s taking longer than usual this time


Been trying to connect for the last 3hrs but nothing yet