Unfair and Random account suspensions

The rate of account suspension is getting out of hand. You guys need to stop suspending people’s accounts for the littlest thing that goes by, like this has happened to two of my guild mates on s4 already. Stop with the account suspension bs. It’s total BS. Make the game better not drive away players…and one thing as well, you guys never mentioned that when merging accounts, chat bans carry over. Can you gus explain to me why none of you devs mentioned this in the notes or server merge page? Don’t skip this like you guys have always done. It will go from a zero to a hundred quick if you guys delete this. Give the answers that I seek for.

Just don’t break the ToU.

Rules are rules.

If I may ask, what exactly happened to your 2 mates on s4?

One of them got suspended weeks ago, now another one today. And neither of them broke the rules.

My account also got chat silenced for no reason absolutely no reason

Chat silences carrying over would make sense for me since they got silenced for something if it’s permanent

I can’t answer the unfair and random account suspensions since this is my first time hearing about it.
So I don’t know much about it

You could always argue with support about silences and bans, if you believe you got one for no reason
not sure how much it would help, but worth a try, shrug

Think about this PB has a tactic where they get players to spend money on their game right? What do they do to the players after they suck their pockets dry? They do ridiculous stuff like suspending acounts just like they’re doing rn. I ain’t scarred to talk. Stop with this BS PB stop sucking players money and suspending their accounts.And one more thing Don’t talk about chat sileneces or account bans in (game)chat because they will ban your account as well.

Yes they did

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The first time I was silenced, I argued and was shown what I said.

So… I shut up :wink:

The last time I was silenced, I argued and they apologized and unsilenced me.
It depends on what actually happened.

They have always appeared to be firm, but fair.
Which is more than can be said for other games I’ve played.

Trust me, poor Samm has been on the end of legendary mici rants, but has never treat me unfairly because of it, bless them.

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What did you say to get silenced?

I was flirting with @Phoenix_Lily and @Little_Star

Suggesting we play “lily in the middle” was about the tamest comment I made :wink:

I have since learned to keep those sort of comments to the line chat app.
Aaaannnndddd occasionally discord :slight_smile:


Please say youre not on about Rami… He deserved what he got

Definitely going on about Rami. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the new one is the person who had their username as “Account4Sale” which is just asking for a ban.

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Maybe I should change my S9 account to “asking4aban” and see what happens? :thinking:

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I had an account I tried and tried to get banned. Please, tell me the secret. :joy::joy:

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Openly try and sell it?

We is Rami and what was said?

Does it matter?
Everyone keeps talking about a flippant comment, and it being a joke that they were trying to sell their account…

For the ban to happen (and more importantly for it to have stuck this long and not be reversed…) then there is clearly more than that to this story that we don’t know.

Some people that have been banned, have had that decision overturned.
Others haven’t.

Clearly there are reasons for both.
There’s a terms of use in game, and in this forum.

Follow it? :slight_smile:


Besides Rami (or someone else) is playing his other accounts without them being suspended…

Who’s Rami :upside_down_face: