Update 1.10.1 Patch Notes


This patch contains a few fixes for bugs we’ve seen since Update 1.10. Keep an eye out for the latest update in iTunes or the Google Play Store!

War Fixes

  • Fixed Auto-Donate for the War Bank getting stuck activated
  • Fixed some visual oddities with Auto-Donate appearing to still generate Points for the Guild Member
  • Fixed a crash related to turning on Auto-Donate for the War Bank
  • Guild War Token Perks adjusted to be unlocked at Guild Level 2
  • Guild War Token Perk costs were adjusted to be in line with other Perks at this level
  • Guild War Ranking Button is back once again!

Dungeon Fixes

  • Bosses appear once again on the Minimap even if you have Dungeon Training
  • Fixed some oddities with how Favor is prorated after you spend it
    • (Note: The full change requires updating client to 1.10.1, you may experience errors that require you to reset if you don’t!)

Other Fixes

  • Adjusted the resolution on a handful of devices
  • Servers 3-5 have their Campaign Stamina Costs lowered to original amounts
  • Trophies no longer take you to Locked Chapters (you’ll get them eventually!)


Do these changes require both the server restart and a client update, or just one of the two?

How will these costs be adjusted? Will they be lowered or increased?


To see all of these changes, you will need a client update as well as the server restart.

They will be increased to be in line with the other Perks at that level.


Thanks for the heads up. I just unlocked some of those perks. Fast bug fixes and so on. Smooth.


Also plz remember that I had 278 million gems before server maintenance


Will we get our stamina reimbursed?


There is no Stamina reimbursement planned, since it affected everyone equally and was fixed quickly.


Was this update for both iOS and android? I’m running an android device and there’s no update in the google play store yet.


Same here no client update on the google play store


Did this update happen as I still have the screen resolution issues and no guild war rankings?


I had what Goat had. :joy::goat:


Android players should see the update in stores now.


Resolution issues persist


You made the text even smaller on my device :stuck_out_tongue:


Same here x.x

Think I’ll need reading glasses to see hero levels as they became even smaller!


“Fixed some oddities with how Favor is prorated after you spend it”

Well. If it was badly exploited you should make it up to those who did play it by the book.

How often did favor reset during the bug? It wasnt 4 hours. Some say it was seconds. Other said it was a minute.

Some are taunting that they got 300-400 epic scraps during that time frame.

It sucks.

This is the second mega bug on epic dungeon that made progress x5 or x50 times faster for exploiters.


When there have been stamina cost reductions for campaign fights in other games, there is typically of backdating so that players are reimbursed for stamina already spent over the past 30 or 60 days. You should consider doing that


Where is Ranking guild war please ?


There’s an update in the Google play store that brings it back. If you’re using Apple, you might need to wait a little longer.


Yeah the font size in most the game got bigger on my iPhone when it was fine before the update that changed it but noticing today the hero level text is almost unreadable as it’s microscopic.


Will the patch be on Apple store soon? Still waiting for the patch!