Update 1.10 Patch Notes


Welcome to Portal Quest 1.10!


This update includes tons of improvements requested by you (or at the very least players like YOU!), new surprises for the Dungeon and Guild War, and bonus rewards for doing your Daily Quests! There’s a new Hero…err…or is that “technically” two Heroes?.. so get ready for a Wombeaux Combo and keep reading!

Dungeon Improvements


Favor: Dungeon Reward Boosts

The Shrine Goddess is bestowing her Favor upon the Heroes of Ember! While there are still benefits to grinding the Dungeon as much as you can, if you don’t have a ton of time to spend in the Dungeon, you can use Favor to double the Chest rewards of your choosing. If you do spend a ton of time in the Dungeon, GOOD NEWS, this is still a great way to boost your rewards!

As you spend time outside the Dungeon (whether you’re playing Portal Quest or not), you will build up Favor. This resource can be seen on the Dungeon Selection screen alongside a timer that informs you how long until your next Favor is available. Later tiers of Favor collect at a slower rate:

  • 1st-3rd Favor - 4 Hours Each
  • 4th Favor - 8 Hours
  • 5th-8th Favor - 10 Hours Each
  • 9th Favor - 12 Hours

Essentially, after a quality 8 hours of sleep, you should have at minimum 2 Favor, with the ability to generate more throughout the day! Worried that you won’t get Favor because you love the dark of the Dungeon? The timer may generate in your Favor, so if you’re a player that takes a lot more time than average to make decisions within the Dungeon, you might find yourself generating a few extra seconds of Favor as well.

Spending Favor is pretty simple! Anytime you open a Chest (whether it’s a Normal, Boss, or a Jackpot Chest), you may choose to use your Favor to double all the rewards in that Chest! If you get Lucky, you could 3x, 4x, or even 5x your rewards! After spending Favor, existing time towards your next Favor is prorated into the previous Tier. So, if you’re 50% of your way to the next Favor, you’ll remain halfway to getting another one.

Note that this bonus will only apply to the original Chest rewards. Additional modifiers won’t have the Favor applied to them.

Dungeon Speed and Sight Adjustments

  • Overall Dungeon floors are smaller - later floors of the Dungeon up to 20%
  • Entering and Exiting Rooms has been made significantly faster
  • Entering and Exiting Rooms is now affected by the Fast Forward Toggle
  • An Auto-Finish toggle now exists for Traps and Chests that instantly displays the results as you run into them (no extra button clicks / waiting for reels to stop spinning)
  • Players now start a Dungeon with a base Sight bonus of +1
  • Sight Shrines are now more common when you have low Sight and are less common as your Sight increases

Dungeon Consumable Items

Enchanted Torch - Increases your Sight radius by a flat 3 Tiles for 24 hours. This effect stacks with other Sight buffs.

image (2)
Boots of Speed - Transforms your Fast Forward button into a 5x Fast Forward for 24 hours while in Dungeon.

image (1)
2x Dungeon Gear Scrap - Doubles the Gear Scrap you collect in the Dungeon. This bonus does not apply to Shards or Keys, but can apply to Epic Gear Scraps.

New Shrine / Well Affects for Grave Wraith Dungeon

  • Spectral Guardian Shrine: Spawns a Spectral Turtle Minion to aid you at the start of every battle
  • Death Shield Well: Grants all members of the party an Auto-Revive on Death
  • Weakening Curse Well: Reduces the auto-attack damage of all your Heroes

War Improvements

War Attack Point Bank

Are you a Guild Leader that’s sick of having to manage every little aspect of your Guild’s Attack Points during War? With the new Attack Point Bank, you no longer have to worry about who’s Donating Attack Points to the wrong people!


In 1.10, players will be able to donate their Attack Points to the Guild Bank and Guild Members that are War Chiefs (or higher!) can choose how to distribute those Attack Points to other Members. Donating Points to the bank is just like Donating to a specific Player.


The Bank itself can store unlimited Attack Points, but each Guild Member is still limited in the number of Attack Points they can receive.


Going on vacation for a few days? Good for you! Before you leave, Set yourself to Auto Donate Attack Points. Any future Points generated, will go directly to the Guild Bank. Just remember that Auto-Donate toggles off between Wars!

War Scoring for Tie Breakers

  • Did you know that around 25% of all Wars end in a tie!? No one likes to tie! Destroying your opponent’s Keep is still the primary way to win a War, but we’re adding a tie breaker for those Wars that end in a stalemate.

  • Each Tower is worth a set number of points and can contribute to your Score once they’re destroyed:
    • 1 Point per Defense Line Defeated in any Tower
    • 10 Points for destroying a T1 Tower
    • 30 Points for destroying a T2 Tower
    • 50 Points for destroying a T3 Tower
    • 100 Points for destroying a Mage Tower
    • 500 Points for destroying the Keep (Still Instant Win!)
  • These Points can be found under their picture on the Info page

New Hero(es): Twin Trackers (Server 1)

The Twin Trackers fight as one Hero! They start each battle as ranged, Back Line Fury Damage, but after generating enough energy, they can swap back and forth for a crazy combination of ranged and melee strikes! Their Shards will be in Gold Chests after the update on Server 1.


Wombeaux Combo
Calls the other Tracker into combat for a tandem attack. Each Tracker deals damage to the closest enemy. After the attack, the Tracker that entered combat stays while the other leaves.

Battle Prepped
When entering combat, the active Tracker gains Bless and Bonus Attack. This applies when Wombeaux Combo is activated.

Tracker’s Mark
Each Tracker applies their own unique Mark to enemies they damage. If one Tracker damages an enemy with the other’s Mark, they consume the mark to deal damage, heal themselves, and apply their own Mark.

image (4)
Prey Upon the Weak
Deals additional damage to a target for every percent of Health the target is missing.

Other Major Changes

Weekly Quest and Bonus Rewards

Every week you will be able to build up points and earn extra rewards for doing the things you already do: Daily Quests! Claiming Daily Quests gains you progress towards tiers of rewards. Each Tier you achieve grants you an additional Weekly Quest Reward Box (up to five a week). These function similarly to War Boxes in that you’re provided with three options and you choose one prize!


When your Monday rolls around, you can claim your Weekly Quest Rewards! These can only be claimed on Mondays, but progress is saved week-to-week. So if you miss out one Monday, you can claim them on the next Monday!

Campaign Stamina Cost Tweaks

Campaign Stamina costs are now dynamic. Elite Campaign costs will continue to be double the Normal Campaign costs.

  • Stamina Costs
    • The newest Chapter will cost 10 Stamina
    • The Chapter prior to the newest will cost 8 Stamina
    • Every other Chapter costs 6 Stamina

New Guild Perks

  • Dungeon Training: Reveals a random object every Floor in the Dungeon
  • War Token Bonus: Earn additional War Tokens from successful Guild War Attacks
  • War Token Defense Tokens: Earn War Tokens from successful Guild War Attack Defenses
  • Bonus Campaign Hero XP: Earn more Hero XP from Campaign Levels

Bug Fixes

  • Heroes & Combat
    • Grave Wraith should not trigger Battle-Entrance Skills when Reviving Heroes
    • Heroes with the Payout no longer apply their buff an additional time after a Grave Wraith Revive
  • Dungeon
    • Hero XP is now properly awarded from Chests in the Dungeon
    • Cleanse Shrine now removes all negative status effects
    • Additional fixes have been added to prevent players from getting stuck in the Dungeon Tutorial
    • Epic Keys now properly show up on the Endless Dungeon HUD
    • Keys now visually count up correctly as they’re earned in the Dungeon
  • Epic Gear / Dungeon
    • Bosses now show up in later floors of the Epic Dungeon
    • Prevented some looping errors from occurring when running into multiple Bosses in a single fight
    • Added a description for the Epic Forge Guild Perk
  • Misc
    • Improved touch mapping locations on some Google Pixel devices
    • Push notifications now work better on devices running Android Oreo
    • The Red Dot on the Merchant should now properly display when you have Nuggets to sell
    • VIP 14 now correctly includes the Trial Reset benefit

Minor Changes

  • Dungeon
    • Updated the Dungeon How-To-Play to better explain Dungeon XP benefits
  • Daily Quests
    • The Boss Dungeon Daily Quest now only requires a single Boss Kill
    • Increased RT Daily Quest Team XP to 200 (Up from 100)
    • Increased Endless Dungeon Shrine Daily Quest Team XP to 150 (Up from 100)
    • Increased Epic Dungeon Daily Quest Team XP to 300 (Up from 200)
    • Increased Boss Dungeon Daily Quest Team XP to 300 (Up from 200)
  • Misc
    • Added a Claim All Mail button that claims all the rewards on the Mail screen
    • A confirmation pop-up now appears when purchasing 10x Gold or Silver Chests
    • Increased the Font size on a handful of devices for consistency
    • A link to the Terms of Use can now be found in-game under Support

Weekly quest bonuses

This doesn’t solve the main issue of people having to be online too frequently to donate their points. You haven’t moved the source of frustration at all. Coordinators are still dependent on people to donate to the bank, so the only thing being saved here is the minor issue of someone donating to the wrong person …

Bandaid for a lost limb.


Going on vacation for a few days? Good for you! Before you leave, Set yourself to Auto Donate Attack Points. Any future Points generated, will go directly to the Guild Bank. Just remember that Auto-Donate toggles off between Wars!

Read the whole thing




So we’re just ignoring cat hats and kitten mittens? You guys treat these like they’re not even real items.


When a similar change was made in ds a large refund of stamina was sent to players based on what they had spent in stam for the previous month. Any plans to do this?

Will it be lit up like the boss when I enter the floor?

Props for the daily quest improvements

Can we please have separate favor for each dungeon to add a bit of strategy for using this feature?

Overall a good update. As for war, it’s a step in the right direction yet we have a ways to go yet to make it as good as can be.


Yea, I saw that. That still leaves the agency with the actual player to:

a) turn it on
b) log on and donate to the bank

The whole point of asking for the bank was to move the agency from lower members to the people coordinating. You haven’t done that.

The reason that war is exhausting is because you have to badger 40 people to donate their points. And you have to do this multiple times for each war. Adding a bank is great, but if the players themselves have to donate to the bank then you still have to badger those players to donate.

The auto-donate toggle is the same. Sure, if my guy going on vacation remembers to toggle it, that’s awesome and useful. What about my guildmate who dropped his phone in the lake and is phone-less? Well, those are useless now. What about my guildmate who simply forgot to toggle his auto-donate before leaving? Well, those are useless now. What about my guildmate who made his attack on t1 and doesn’t think he needs to do anything else? Well, those are useless now.


I just opened 250 golden chests… And now new toon in golden chests. Bugger.


Well… How do you acquire the dungeonlulu consumables?


Worried that you won’t get Favor because you love the dark of the Dungeon? The timer may generate in your Favor, so if you’re a player that takes a lot more time than average to make decisions within the Dungeon, you might find yourself generating a few extra seconds of Favor as well.

^^ Can this part be explained further? It just seems like you’re penalized for spending time in the dungeon, if you’re not earning “favor” at the same rate as someone that doesn’t do dungeon. And does the timer restart or just pause if you go to dungeon?


Kick the underperforming guild mates then


Why are mages worth so much? At the very least the suppression mage should be lower than the other 2.


There is no reason to have confirm button for buying 10x silver chests! Will just cause so many extra clicks when buying tons of them to use spare gold.

Boss daily quest is still silly as it’s almost impossible to do it daily given the ridiculous drop rate of boss keys, and the time it takes to get them when running though upper levels in dungeon. Hope it’s not required for weekly quest bonuses, those will only be possible if you buy lots of boss keys for real money then


Essentially, the Favor timer just pauses while you’re actively doing things in the Dungeon. So if you’re just hanging around in a room or left your phone on in the Dungeon, you’ll still be generating a little Favor. It doesn’t reset or anything when you enter the Dungeon.

This feature is intended to benefit both active dungeoneers and those that don’t have the time to spend in the Dungeon. If you’re someone that actively tackles the Dungeon every few hours, you’ll still have a leg up on those that don’t since you’ll be getting more rewards more frequently AND you collect Favor faster, since those first 3 Favor generate the fastest. However, the folks that want to miss a few days of Dungeon time at least have a compelling reason to jump back in!


RT quest should be fixed for European players. And excluded from weekly quest if not.

Increasing it is just a slap to us.


Why is this bad for euro players goat?


I have 1 hour time frame to get the tournament daily twice a week. Right before it ends. That occurs between 5 am to 5.30/6 am. If not i will miss the daily completely.


You bored dude? I mean lol we are all very much aware that you were unhappy with the game. Operative word there being “were”. Aw do you miss us?


Okay seriously that’s getting really petty about it.

The guild point bank with auto point donate is supposed to help with a functioning guild. Your guild you are describing sounds like everyone you have is an idiot. And that is more than likely the result of poor leadership.

Your issues sound like what you really want is something called squad leader wars. Where a leader has all the points sent to them and they donate them to people to attack.


I think this is a great update!!! I love war bank, not only will it make war chiefs jobs easier, lower members don’t have to worry about Popping on constantly to see who ready for points!!!


Seriously doing the happy dance with this update!