Update 1.10 Patch Notes


I really like the dungeon changes! Perhaps I’ll finally be able to deal with my abundance of torches. I also see some of the things from my list of small fixes were included :wink:

What I don’t like is that we still need to do three different dungeons a day to get all rewards, and that those quests became even more important. The boss quest change is good though.

I also have to agree with @I_Pet_Goats about the RT quest. Don’t go increasing rewards when it’s still unfair to a large chunk of your players. I’m sure it’s possible, as we provided you with enough alternstives. **

Please, just change tournament to 74 hours with a 22 hour rest. Easy fix, everyone equally happy.

Apart from those two negative reward increases, great job! Thanks for simplifying the game :smile_cat:


Love the point bank but as others said it shouldn’t reset between wars. In case of accidents or really being 100% unavailable.

How about after 2-3 days inactivity auto donation is turned on??? @Etesian

Really love the dungeon speed ups in terms of actually playing in it! The favor system looks great and fair, dungeon consumables are a great idea as well ^^

Not gonna mention everything in the update but the new hero(es) look really interesting, very adaptable.

Will the weekly quests reach max reward if one or two daily quests were missed? Will still be tough to do every single quest daily, talking about the boss dungeon quest.


As someone that still plays this game, I like the new donation system. And the majority of the new features will really help the day to day grind become easier.


Please include an update to fix the dungeon glitch preventing Howl from using his skills. Pops up from time to time and can’t even dungeon right now bc it is every fight. No, he doesnt have a debuff doing this. He isnt debuffed during the fight. Happens even while blessed and i have only noticed it with him.


Forgot to mention this started with the last patch



Will these changes apply to PRESENT dungeon runs? Most importantly, endless dungeon runs.

They’re changes that will benefit a lot but will we get +1 sight automatically added and smaller floors or do we have to abandon our deep dungeon runs to benefit?


Hey guys! This may have already been discussed but is there also a level increase and new chapter as well? Just curious. Thanks!


Make this a thing k thanks


Thank you for the newest achievements. Is it
possible to have the Leaders to remove attack points from members that are showing last active 1 day or more. This would really help the Guilds with less than ten members.


I agree that the Auto Donate should automatically be turned on after 1 day of inactivity. We only have two days of war.

The ability to win the war could be significantly impacted by inactive members.

Thanks for listening.


How about switching auto donate on for a player who didnt log into the game for 3 days? Some player are abcent for whatever reason without leaving a message and struggling guilds dont want to kick them because they have strong defencelines in war…


Clarity, please. Let’s say you’re halfway through the 5th favor bar (5 hours out of 10) and you use favor on a chest, you will drop down to the halfway point of the 4th favor bar (4 out of 8 hours). You sort of lose an hour there. If you use another favor, you will drop down to the halfway point of the 3rd bar (equivalent of 2 out of 4 hours). If I am interpreting that correctly, accumulated time is lost in favor of sticking to the percentage of the bar filled when you drop down. Is this the intent?


This update sounds amazing :slight_smile:


Am I the only one who noticed that one of the pictures had a donation cap of 10 points only? On the patch notes? Lol :smiley:


You guys are awesome! I can’t wait for this patch, so many wonderful additions and even a reward for sleeping :):heart_eyes:



Seems like that lost time would be made up, though. Instead of needing 5 more hours, you’d only need 4?

Also-- with these additional favors earned, is there a benefit to getting that 9th favor? or are all favors equal? so it would be more beneficial then to check into dungeon at least every 12 hours to get the 1st - 3rd favors? The goal isn’t really to let it fill up to favor #9, right?


Base donation cap is 10 to be upgraded to 15 with guild perks c;


I’m personally excited about the Twin Trackers. It baffles me that many players who have a high Team Level still do not know the possibilities of playing their heroes manually and this one looks like it’ll be a good way to teach them.


Manual fight? What is that???


Should just kick them