Update 1.10 Patch Notes


When? Will this be happening also when will the team level go up as well as promote level?


Hopefully nothing goes up for a long time


Except hero xp :grin:


I can’t wait for it😎


Are any of the shops getting switched up?? Maybe berg to a shop instead of gold chests?



Ran the best guild on S1 for 8 months. Only ever lost to one guild. Never lost in S3.

Bad system is bad.

Meh, still in Line chat with guildmates, can’t help but read patch notes on the supposed “fix” to guild war. And yea, slow day at work, what can I say :smile:


How about making ALL the changes across the board for ALL the servers!!! Having to wait for improvements is very frustrating!!!


Everything in these Patch Notes other than Twin Trackers (and the Grave Wraith Dungeon) will be available for all Servers. Content such as new Heroes, Gear, and Campaign Chapters increases are usually the only thing that’s different for each Server (besides Epic Gear, which requires the Orange Rank to be released first).



Is it possible to make an announcement with the release date BEFORE the actual release date?

Because right now we are saving our stamina till the end of the day, because we don’t know if u guys spontaneous release the update and we don’t want to waste resources (stamina is an example, as it’s gonna be more worth with the new campaign stamina costs). Same applies to dailies like dungeons etc… not doing anything the whole day because we don’t know what u guys are doing.


Update 1.10 will not be released today, most likely tomorrow!


They could have added a simple fix too. When a player maxes out at 25 points it automatically starts donating them to the bank.


Ran the best guild / havnt lost on s3 with this:

What about my guildmate who dropped his phone in the lake and is phone-less? Well, those are useless now. What about my guildmate who simply forgot to toggle his auto-donate before leaving? Well, those are useless now. What about my guildmate who made his attack on t1 and doesn’t think he needs to do anything else?

You’ll understand then when i call BS right? AND if you can win a war despite that… what exactly are you complaining about o.O you have a kick button.


You forgot as well: What if they were suddenly deployed without warning? Cuz… That’s my major problem! :persevere:


This vs 5 Hex Witches!


Should be possible for the guild leader or 2nd to turn it on too, this update is coming while half are incommunicado. (the military people in my guild are deployed to south korea) For about 3 wars guilds with it on those who have players on the first day will have an advantage over us due to banking more, while before this the MIA on either side couldn’t ‘help’ and regeneration was slow enough it wasn’t terribly upsetting.
Semi related but I think that if you upgrade the guild while people are gone you could randomly generate a new set available to be placed in towers. (Figure random is fairer than letting the guild leaders run it solo and just stack the best everywhere on their own.) I’m not sure how matching works exactly but I imagine upgrading guild size or war units allowed might push you a little higher than you can handle? About 3 months ago around Thanksgiving we matched against a really strong group immediately after upping the amount of teams deployable, but only 5 were able to get on and make new teams before the war, had to wait another week to create acceptable defenses, and I’m not sure if that was related to that matching or not.

Are there a lot of dead guilds out there by the way? The last war we managed to pull one that seemed to only have one small player and one chief alive. Basically just someone there to hit queue each time. Wondering how common that is. Not complaining about the free points of course I just found it unusual. I imagine if you have someone who wants portal fragments that could happen.

Everything else sounds pretty great though! I haven’t done the dungeons much outside that most recent contest with the hero hunting (which I blew to pieces from having so many torches saved up) so I think that’s a great ‘satisfies everyone’ fix.
I’m a 60 on s4, but I never bothered to sign up to post before, I don’t really do forums in general. Also this forum is a lot different than what I’m used to so I might mess up a bit here and there. First time I ever saw this style!


The last war that we ever lost (back in S2) was to Litterbox. They had a player who had dropped their phone and it broke. So as the war drew to a close, they had a player sitting on 23 points. All totally useless. We ended up losing anyway because they had outplayed us earlier in the war, but … that situation still remains a possibility.

A few days ago, a player that still plays was violently ill (as were her three small children). She had made one hit earlier in the war but then wasn’t able to come back to either donate or use her points (she ended up capped at 25). She is another example of a player who wouldn’t have been able to log back in to toggle the auto donate.

Is it better in some cases? Yes. Players who remember and are able to login are able to have their points donated to a bank. Does it actually solve the overall issue that leaders have? No, it does not.

Half measures and bandaids only take you so far in a game that is bleeding players.


you quit didn’t you? why are you still bashing PB? do you secretly miss them?


Looking forward to the new changes


Lmfao… dear portal quest please put a system in place that predicts people having issues in real life. It’s not cool when I could have won the war for us but life happens T_T

Sincerely people who have real life issues


If we are not careful this could become the thin edge of the wedge. Where do you draw the line?
If PB added an option for war chiefs and higher to turn on other people’s auto donate system the next thing people would want would be for war chiefs to be able to attack on other people’s behalves!
I say let’s see how this donation bank pans out but leave it along for a while and give it a chance to bed in
Life gets in the way sometimes and that’s the way it should be