Update 1.10 Patch Notes


maybe the implementation of an added button to allow the leader or commanders to donate my war points is closer to what is sought, that is, not something automatic but accepted by the user.

Continuing the "bank"discussion

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Still seeking a little clarity/understanding. Please see the link below.

Update 1.10 Patch Notes


Couldn’t agree with you more


Still no ETA for this UPDATE right?


It retains the percentage so that’s functionally accurate, but saying time is “lost” is a little misleading as it’s actually benefiting you. As another player stated, you’re actually speeding up your next Favor unlock. Instead of waiting 5 hours for another point of Favor, you only need to wait 2.5 hours which is essentially “giving” you 2 and a half hours. As another example, instead of waiting 15 hours for 2 points of Favor, you’ll only need to wait 10.5 hours (giving you 4 and half hours). Using your Favor’s always a benefit to you as you’ll both get the doubled (or more!) reward and it’s sometimes faster to generate that next Favor point.


Hey Arma :slight_smile: It is a very intentional and thoughtful decision to not allow leadership to be able to activate the auto donate on their members and for members to have to log on at least once per war to turn it on. Without this a guild could have a few active members and the rest inactive AP batteries or worse a few members with multiple accounts that don’t do anything but sit and generate AP for war. This is not the type of gameplay we want to encourage. It is also very important to us that all players feel like they have agency on how their personal resources are used in war. War should be a collaborative mode where all members contribute not a single player mode for a type-a dictator in a cowboy hat.

There are all kinds of weird eventualities that come up that can get in the way of a W. Unfortunately we can’t design around these and still keep the game in a state that works best in a majority of circumstances. Sometimes life gets in the way of gaming. Having run a guild for a while I understand what a hard decision it can be when a member gets deployed. I think it is up to you to decide between winning more wars or keeping that service member around while they are less active in the game.

Thanks for all the kind words. We are pretty excited about this update. Portal Quest is growing faster losing fewer players than it ever has. The game is in the best state than it has ever been in and we are all super proud to be able to make it for you. It always feels good to hear from someone new enjoying it!

Continuing the "bank"discussion


The update is scheduled for 14:00 CT today, with the usual caveat of depending on app store propagation!


Update: moved to 15:00 CT for store propagation and last minute finishing touches!