Update 1.10 Preview: Attack Points Bank


Coming in Update 1.10 we’re also adding tools to help Guild Leadership manage Guild Wars. Introducing: The Attack Points Bank!

Guild Attack Points Bank

One of the frustration we’ve heard from Guild leadership is that attack point management during Guild Wars is both time consuming and pretty strenuous to the Guild as a whole. The upcoming Attack Points Bank will allow War Chiefs, Commanders, and the Guild Leader to allocate points to Guild Members directly from a Bank of donated points. Each Guild Member will be able to donate their Attack Points to other members or to the Bank as they see fit. They will also be able to set their accumulating attack points to automatically be credited to the Guild Bank.

Are you excited to use the Attack Points Bank? How will your Guild benefit from this new Guild War feature? Tell us below, and stay tuned for more exciting 1.10 news!


Only problem is that it all becomes about power again and takes a possible leveller away


I like the way it easy because this was the team work point of guild wars by doing this bank. It could be out of hand because would reduce the importance of talking and coordination of the guild. Lets see who it goes but this bank.should have a limit.


You clearly don’t run a guild in guild war. This bank will be a welcome sigh of relief to the stresses of tagging the guild to hell and back on line to donate in a keep race or to drop a tower quick oh and the timezones issues too. I very much welcome the relief to the planning/chasing aspect this bank brings for top guilds


Will the donation caps remain? If not it will quickly turn into everyone donating to a couple high level players and just them participating.


I agree it makes it so much easier but that is for everyone and if you are good at organising as it seems you are you will have more of a disadvantage


This actually makes the organisation even easier for the more organised amongst us. I don’t see how it’ll disadvantage us for sure.


I hate sleeping. Pb stop making useful tools like this for us to use to make our lives easier​:wink::wink::wink:


Does the bank take interest from the guild? Lol

Jokes aside. Very cool feature. Im glad you took im the feedback. By @Helios if i remember correctly?

Me like.


I don’t really like that idea… Sure it looks great and may help some but overall it would just give the bigger guilds to much of an advantage and make everything harder for the little guys.


Love, love, love this! Glad it’s optional as well. Everyone should be happy! Thanks guys! :heartpulse::heartpulse:


Explain how a feature that EVERY guild can use and access EQUALLY. Benefits one group over the other?


This will mean I am tagged less yes?
Then woohoo!!


Banks are jerk tho :c they gonna steal my money again D:


100 times yes! I guess letting war chiefs set others to auto donate may be a bit over the top but this is perfect :grin:

  1. Will withdrawl of x AP result in a donation cap usage if you deposited x AP yourself?

  2. Will transfer of AP through the bank to other members count as donation cap usage?

  3. Will there be a bank cap limit?

  4. I like goats. :smiley:


I don’t think there will be a point bank limit or else they would’ve mentioned it. And if a player withdraws points then it should add to their donation limit because that cap is for all points received.

There’s unlimited donations but limited points donated to so doubt there will be an issue (unless everyone in your guild is somehow maxed on donations xD :thinking::thinking:)


1 and 2: Yes, donation cap remains, regardless of whether you donated or not. Actually, it’s more like a receiving cap.
3: I think they mentioned there wouldn’t be.
4: Agreed, I think you do.


Esta bien la idea del banco ,siempre y cuando siga habiendo limites para la donación y limites para la libre adjudicación desde el banco a los jugadores. Todos deben de jugar, los que tienen mucho poder y los que intentan llegar a tenerlo.
Un saludo y buena guerra.


How do you see it as taking power away and a leveled? In a war and you have to wait for someone to donate points to another guild member can be very frustrating…if the leaders have access to pass out points as needed is a very good change in game. Leveler? The matched guilds for war are suppose to be very simular in level how will this change that? Can only suppose that you mean since leaders can pass out needed points they could have every member just keep hitting towers till war is over. With time zone differences that may or may not happen. But anything is better than the current process with points. If the new way doesn’t work out am sure PQ will hear about it & do what’s necessary to correct. Give change a chance.